Monday, January 30, 2012


CNY facts #8: the eighth day of the chinese new year is also the eve of the birthday of the Jade Emperor. the fujian/hokkien people have another family dinner and at midnight, they pray to 天公/ God of heaven. store owners also often host a lunch/dinner with their employees to thank them for the work they have done the whole year.
short note on the Jade Emperor: in Chinese folk culture (many of us chinese people grew up watching shows that depicted these legends and sayings very clearly), the Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven and all realms of existence below.
it was said that the Jade Emperor was originally the crown prince of the kingdom of Pure Felicity and Majestic Heavenly Lights and Ornaments. at birth, he emitted a wondrous light that filled the entire kingdom. when he was young, he was kind, intelligent, and wise. he devoted his entire childhood to helping the needy (the poor and suffering, the deserted and single, the hungry and disabled). furthermore, he showed respect and benevolence to both men and creatures. after his father died, he ascended the throne. he made sure that everyone in his kingdom found peace and contentment. after that, he told his ministers that he wished to cultivate Tao on the Bright and Fragrant Cliff.
after 1,550 kalpas, each kalpa lasting for 129,600 years, he attained Golden Immortality. after another one hundred million years of cultivation, he finally became the Jade Emperor. (Using the given figures, this period before his becoming the Jade Emperor lasted for a total of about 300,880,000 years.)
the Jade Emperor is featured the most in "Journey to the West."

so, my sisters and i had steamboat/hotpot again to finish up the remaining ingredients we had. today, we had satay soup base and seafood soup base and we're done with all our steamboat ingredients!
round two
satay soup base on the left and seafood soup base on the right
check out my new jammies #2 for week two hahaha
overflowing goodness!
omg, we still have another hotpot party to attend this saturday haha.


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