Tuesday, January 31, 2012


CNY facts #9: oh wow, we're already into day nine. the chinese new year is almost over :(
anyway, the ninth day of the chinese new year (as hinted from yesterday's post) is believed to be the Jade Emperor's birthday and so people offer their prayers of thanks to him. this day is especially significant for the Hokkien people as it is said that they were saved from extermination by the intervention of the heavens. the enemies of the Hokkien tribe had gathered together to wipe the Hokkiens off the face of the Earth and many people were killed in this horrible massacre. however, there were a few people who escaped and hid in a field of sugarcane. it is believed that it was then that the heavens intervened and the enemies left. therefore, they use sugarcane stalks tied together with red ribbons to make offerings to the Jade Emperor to thank him for his intervention. besides that, incense, tea, fruit, vegetarian food or roast pig, and gold paper is served as a customary protocol for paying respect to an honored person.

anyway, it was a really good day today.
i woke up to an email from one of my companions from the mission - sister song. as i read it, i decided that today would be a good day.
it turned out to be really good.
first, i got to sleep an extra 10 minutes because my comms 485 group got the 9.25 slot for meeting with prof. wakefield.
second, we went into the meeting and he basically told us our research section was great! we were so nervous because he started with "i'm really hesitant to say this..." but then he ended that with "because i don't want your heads to get big" hahaha.
third, i cooked mee goreng for lunch! so singaporean!
looks pretty good to me haha
fourth, my M Com class was actually a lot of fun today. my teacher decided to have me be the spotlight person for the in-class writing assignment that she had us do. (we were trying to learn the difference between business style writing, creative writing, and journalistic style writing) so i sat in a chair in front of the whole class and they just asked me questions about my life. and then they had the chance to write and the stuff that people came up with at the end of the 10 minutes or so she gave us was amazing! the creative writing pieces were the most hilarious. "sitting at her desk scrambling to rush out her paper... charlotte tries to do all her homework within the week so that during the weekend she can run off to meet the man of her dreams... they both watch as the sky lanterns float further into the sky..." hahaha and then cause i told them i was born in the year of the dragon so a lot of them talked about, "the fire within her as she..." SO MUCH FUN.
and kinda related to that, i watched the video "sxxx white people say to asians" and some of the stuff is so true! during the little question and answer session i had in my m com class, i knew these questions/comments were coming, "how long have you been learning english?" "your english is really good," "no, what's your real name?" etc. oh why are people oh-so-naive. oh and at BYU, if you're asian, people automatically think you're not LDS, "so you're LDS?" yes. im as LDS as you are.

anyway, while on the topic of sky lanterns, (spoiler alert for the 15th day of the chinese new year) i ordered some heart-shaped sky lanterns and my friends and i are going to write our wishes for the new year on them and set them free on the last day of the chinese new year. super excited! and so yesterday i happened to go through my photos from my 21st birthday celebration in provo cause we set off sky lanterns that day too and so here's a preview of what monday is going to be like: (EXCITED!)
super diligent when it comes to writing our wishes
see the big 'I WANT' hahaha
us with the different colors before letting the lanterns go
puke bag? haha
lighting the lanterns
all lighted
off it goes

and this is an absolutely hilarious video of everything that went down that day

i hope everyone had a good day.
i have a date with my PR friends for dinner next tuesday (finally!) and im trying to figure out my schedule for catch-up sessions with other friends. this is good. im trying to be a better friend this semester esp. since im going to be gone after this semester and its going well i guess hahaha.



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