Sunday, January 29, 2012


CNY facts #7: the seventh day of the chinese new year is traditionally known as 人日 (Rénrì), meaning the common man's birthday. It is the day when everyone grows one year older because (according to Chinese customs) it was the day human beings were created. On this day, Chinese people often prepare lucky food for the new year. This includes dishes such as "Seven-vegetable soup" (七菜羹), "Seven-vegetable congee" (七菜粥) anf "Jidi congee" (及第粥). In Singapore, we cook "Seven-colour sliced fish" (七彩魚生) instead of "Seven-vegetable soup." 人日 (Rénrì) is also the day people like to lo hei/toss raw fish salad for continued wealth and prosperity.

to celebrate 人日, my sisters and i had a little steamboat/hot pot gathering at our place. it was amazing! so much fun and the food was so good! but now im super tired hahaha.
getting the stuff ready
starting to slowly get stuff on the table
the first two to arrive and so i had them pose with the food haha
the table full of food / the spicy side was actually more popular
love marcus' facial expression and his shirt hahaha
halfway there hahaha
getting comfortable on the couches while eating fudge to even out the strong taste of hot pot hahaha
the cute married couple that hung out with us singles tonight
 marcus likes to be the odd one out all the time with his asian peace signs
and then when we all do it, he decides he will rebel
and then he finally decides that he should just follow the crowd hahaha
and then being asian, i was annoyed that the other photos had so much ceiling in it and so i demanded a retake and got this. yay!
me and my boys! / rissa and her girls hahaha

 melissa looks so tall here! (her shoes?)/ not leaving her hubby out
round two before cleaning up hahahaha!

k goodnight.


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