Saturday, January 21, 2012

CNY over the years

2006 (also the year i moved around in crutches)
reunion dinner
chinese new year day one
signing auspicious wishes on my cast?
chinese new year day two - mom's side
拜年-ing at uncle victor's
annual tradition of steamboat at ah mai audrey's house
拜年-ing at mr lee's
拜年 at my house - with lots of props for photos hahaha
cute little oranges
this is our 恭喜发财 face

reunion lunch - everyone looks super happy!
and it is ALWAYS a feast
we played go stop haha
chinese new year day one - the year a lot of us wore dresses!
lunch on the first day
the 2 sons, their wives and ah po!
us cousins always take a million photos!
at church with the seow kids. so cute.
chinese new year day two
chinese new year celebrations with jc friends at jo's
karaoke while 拜年-ing at my house haha

2008 (first year away from home for CNY)
拜年-ing at the woo's
food, food, and more food
lo hei!
celebrated ko and lethe's birthdays too!
happy chinese new year! daniel has ba kwa in his mouth!
room-mate photo shoot with my chinese new year clothes

"恭喜发财, 红包拿来, 没有红包, 不许进来!" hahaha
so red and festive
with the bertassos
chinese new year party two for the night
making pineapple tarts at avriel and worthy's
making tang yuan
us showing off our red packets
more cheongsam time
celebrating liz's birthday 

2010 (on the mission)
dumplings on the morning of the first day - look at our bloated faces
two baptisms to start the chinese new year right
walking the streets of downtown vancouver
财神爷 at lansdowne mall
lion dance too!
we put on a skit for the chinese new year party
super talented linda
lion dance round two
with the awesome members
willy and kate!

2011 (first year spending CNY in singapore after 3 years)
one of my favorite things to do: walk the streets of chinatown
lo hei at the start of the reunion dinner
reunion dinner food
lunch on day one
standard cousins photo with ah po
2011: the year we played mahjong non-stop for four days
on the mom's side
CNY day two: love the rabbit my grandma is holding in her hands haha
mini mahjong set bought by jun when we went to hk before CNY
posing with the 'props' at my house again haha
steamboat at ah mai audrey's house - told you its a tradition!
you can never get enough of lo hei during the chinese new year cause it just brings in prosperity haha

2012 (so far. more photos to come once the celebrations are done)
i pretend this was my reunion dinner cause it felt and looked like it
walking the streets of chinatown before flying back here.

this is the first year im so super homesick during the chinese new year period. 
yesterday night my sisters and i went chinese new year shopping haha (we weren't planning on it but it just happened). i bought my chinese new year clothes, rissa bought her chinese new year PJs, etc and sam just bought a new jacket haha. it put me in the mood for the chinese new year!
but there's still cleaning and decorating to be done!
and i just suddenly decided to RSVP and go to all my chinese new year parties (so that i can at least feel like im celebrating during this festive period) plus have our own party next sunday. still trying to decide who to invite since i want people who would appreciate the festive season and the food haha. 
i also ordered sky lanterns (hopefully they come on time) so we can write our wishes for the new year and set it free. we're also thinking about buying a lo hei set or trying to make our own so we can lo hei and shout out auspicious phrases hahaha. im excited!
but till then, i need to do some cleaning as well as figure out which set of clothes im going to wear for which day of the new year haha. i wish monday was a holiday!



  1. 2010: Yay pictures of the mission!!! I was so happy to see Linda and Kate in the pictures :). AND, the dress Sis. Ye is wearing is the same one Sis. Wu wore the year before, hehe. That made me a bit homesick for Richmond :).

  2. yes! linda and kate! [have you been in touch with kate? i think she and her dad have not been to church in awhile :(] And, the dress Sis. Ye is wearing looks a lot like the one people wear when they get married so i was super confused when she wore that hahaha. oh good ol' Richmond. it has such a special place in my heart!