Thursday, January 19, 2012

long post of long overdued updates

i haven't updated since the first day of classes pretty much. i apologize. i never ever have the motivation to blog haha. maybe cause i always take so long just to write one blog post haha.
anyway, we're only 2 and a half weeks into the new semester. how is that possible! i really honestly feel like last semester and this one is just one big semester. and i guess cause its my last semester, so im getting really burned out as well. after our group meeting today, denet asked, "how is everyone doing? everyone looks so tired." and a lot of us commented on how this semester's load is actually lighter than last semester but maybe we're all just burned out.
last week almost killed me. we had to rush out a 50-page client booklet and presentation for our client UDOT and i literally did it in 2 days with minimal help. yes i was super stressed to the max. i think my sister thought i was going crazy one day during lunch as i worked on my computer and tried to eat lunch and then didn't want to go to the bathroom (even though i really needed to) because "i have no time, i have no time" (thats all i kept repeating haha). well, its over now and im so glad!
and today i got a pleasant surprise when i was named "BradLabber of the week" and got awarded a pound of BYU fudge:
i really need to have some sort of fudge party because i can't take sweet things. #imasian

other things that have happened:
1. singaporeans chicken rice gathering
it was such a precious sight to see them washing and drying the dishes together and having so much fun!
storytime with "grandpa" charles haha. he told us how he proposed to kim. so sweet!
i don't know who took this photo but hahahaha, mark, hahahaha.
the singaporean family. love this photo!
and then they started playing some game similar to heart attack
the young kids hahaha
my favorite yellow monster!
i absolutely love it when we have singaporean gatherings because being with the singaporeans feels so familiar and gives you a very family-like feeling. and its amazing cause you'll never feel bored. it doesn't matter which corner you turn to, there's always someone there to talk to and you always want to hear about their life. i love it because i've been to too many gatherings and parties with other people whereby you stop talking to someone and then turn to your other side and find someone you don't know and don't really feel like small-talking with. its a struggle for me now that i've gotten older and not as social as before haha.
2. taro froyo at yogurtland
if you know me well enough, you'll know that im crazy about EVERYTHING taro and so i was extremely delighted when i saw that yogurtland finally brought in taro froyo. it was SO GOOD! i was craving it the very next day. but when i went a few days later, it was gone :( i wanted to cry. i hope they bring it back soon!
3. karaoke with some mission friends at guru's
it was the first saturday of the semester and at 9 ish on saturday night, i got a text from my friends saying they were at guru's and wanted to see me! totally random but i decided to go over anyway. and wow, they were so out of control when i got there but it was hilarious seeing the guys go crazy singing along to the Spice Girls, "Yo I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want So tell me what you want, what you really, really want I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah." I could have died laughing. 
4. dinner at pho noodle house+belated christmas gift exchange with melissa
this was during my 2 days of crazy putting things together for UDOT. i was thinking if i should just reschedule but i decided, "well i need to eat and i really need a mental break" and so i put my things down and went. it was a crazy situation too cause the dinner appointment was for 630 and at 620, i was still in the brad lab rushing out stuff for our client because our client had called at like 5.45pm and suddenly wanted some stuff for her meeting on friday morning.
going to dinner was the best decision i made that day cause i had SO SO SO much fun just talking and laughing and relaxing.
the food was really good too. if you want some good pho, go there! its on state street in orem. the only sad thing was that they ran out of boba and i was craving a taro boba so bad! 
oh and our waiter was hilarious. he normally works at another restaurant but they put him at pho noodle house that night and he was not familiar with the menu. therefore, when we asked him if the summer rolls were the fresh vietnamese rolls, he hesitated for a long time and was like, "... err yes." and so i tried to be funny and was like, "err, do you want to check?" and stuff like that and he was so embarrassed hahaha. and he also pronounced "beef brisket" as "biscuit" which made us laugh our heads off (after he left our table of course). poor kid. 
rissa posing with the summer rolls and our garnishing for the noodles haha
rissa and sam
aww besties
and omg, we're such BFFs we even got each other similar christmas presents hahaha
i just want to say that i am so grateful for melissa's friendship all these years. we met while living at BDA in 2007. her perfectly curled hair caught my eye at the first ward ice-cream social and the rest is history haha. we're so alike in so many ways - we like the same things (e.g. disney, fashion, the hills - hahaha, gossip, etc) and we pretty much have the same personality. i love talking to her when i have an important decision to make because she can tell me exactly which one would suit me best. and she can give me the best advice on certain things too because she knows how she'll react in certain situations and she knows that i'll react similarly (if not exactly the same). when we were in the same ward, everyone used to ask us if we were sisters and it got to the point where we were asked so frequently that we would say, "yeah, we're cousins" hahaha. and we had many many adventures together even though we weren't room-mates (we decided not to live together because we would never go to bed haha). melissa, you're the best and i was just thinking about how after this semester, i might not be able to see you for a long time more. esp. if i go back to singapore for good! well, we'll just have to get working on this plan for us to meet up in hong kong and then you can come to singapore while you're in that part of the world :)
5. i watched 新还珠格格 in like 4 days.
so one fine day, i was kinda bored and so i went to see what my sister was watching and she was watching 新还珠格格 and so i just sat and watch with her for a bit. well, that a little bit ended up being a long time because i stayed up to watch many many episodes with her till 3am in the morning, went to bed and woke up on monday morning and continued. i had no motivation to do my homework whatsoever (this NEVER happens to me). i read an article, went back to watching, read another few lines of another article, went back to watching, finished reading the second article, went back to watching. finally just finished my assignment really quickly at like 12 ish. scary. i never risk doing my homework so late because i get incoherent and stuff. (but i did still do well on the assignment so phew haha). anyway, i finally finished it on tuesday (there were a total of 98 episodes but i started from like 20 ish and skipped a lot of parts because i watched the original series from like 13 years ago and so i knew the story well enough). so, they changed the story quite a bit but i actually really liked it. and im actually a little bit obsessed with it right now haha. oh gosh, takes me back to when i was in primary school! the 永琪 is a hundred times better looking in this series ! the new character 班杰明 really annoyed me though! but i shall let it pass because he actually graduated from BYU and so im assuming he's mormon hahaha. 
anyway, because i watched this series, im obsessed with 还珠格格 songs again and honestly, chinese songs have a lot of meaning to the words and i always feel like you can express so much more with the chinese language than you can with english.
lyrics from my new favorite song (一见钟情):
"谢天谢地 人海茫茫能相逢 难舍难分 多少柔情深深種 花海草原 携手策马留行踪 千言万语 耳边句句在飘送 面对着你 生命变得多美丽 拥有着你 相依相偎多甜蜜 失去了你 山山水水都多余 失去了你 日升日落无意义 一见钟情 注定你是我的爱 情深似海 只想把你抱满怀 爱到心碎 难道你还不明白 今生今世 怎忍和你再分开"
love at first sight. how is that even possible haha. 
and i love reminiscing about when i first watched the original 还珠格格 series, singing along to the songs haha. 
"当太阳不再上昇的时候 当地球不再转动 当春夏秋冬 不再变换 当花草树木 全部凋残 我还是不能和你分散 不能和你分散 你的笑容是我今生 最大的眷恋" rissa and i were singing this song at the top of our lungs on tuesday night hahaha. 
and then there's the classic: "我向你飞 雨温柔的坠 像你的拥抱把我包围 我向你飞 多远都不累 虽然旅途中有过痛和泪 我向你追 风温柔的吹 只要你无怨我也无 爱是那么美 我心陶醉 被爱的感觉"
chinese songs just have so much meaning to it! you can express so much with just a few words, "我的世界突然没有你,太多语言搁浅在这里... 只能看你消失在雨里。"
p.s. my mother thought i was being cheem with these words hahaha

life in general seems pretty good. i still hate GE classes but its my last few!
its past midnight and so its friday! yay for the weekend! hope you all have a good one!
oh yes, its chinese new year eve on sunday and then the first day of chinese new year on monday! i need to hang up my decorations! and i really want to have a party of some sort but i've been too stinking busy to even plan anything :(
wish i was back home in singapore for chinese new year!


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