Wednesday, January 4, 2012

vacation over :(

i can hardly believe that its already 2012.
and i am back here in provo for my last semester of college.
today was my last first day of school ever. CRAZY.
i feel lost and confused.
when my alarm rang this morning, i promptly turned it off and then went back to sleep and then a few minutes later realized that im back in my provo bed and that no im no longer on holiday and i have to actually wake up and go for my 10am class.
oh gosh.
and then in my 4pm class, i was talking to eden and it felt like finals had just barely ended and we had had no break. i was so tired the whole day and suspect that i just feel tired at the thought of school.
man, last semester really drained me.

anyway, i also had the chance to skype with BB Li tonight. and oh gosh, i remember what i hate the most: the marriage talk. esp. from someone who's younger than me and who just returned from his mission. shouldn't he be wanting to run away from the marriage talks?
oh well, today felt weird all in all. esp. since i did nothing the rest of the night except watch running man and laugh my heads off and i am now ready for bed.
that is all.


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