Friday, February 24, 2012

another february 24 baby!

and surprise surprise, one more february baby!
a february 24 baby to be exact.
none other than my dearest patrice nelson!
the most amazing companion who helped me survived through my smelly days in chilliwack (farming area so what do you expect eh hahaha. i used to say, "oh chilliwack" every time i stepped out of the car and smelled the air hahaha. or complained like crazy when i would have to breathe the smelly air (instead of fresh air) at 6.30am in the morning running in the carpark hahaha)
patrice, thank you for being there with me through it all!
i hope you have a most fantabulous and magical birthday (imagine me saying it like i did when we did my mother's birthday video hahaha)
i love you to the moon and back!
first day being companions. kinda scary for us both
 first mini-golfing experience for me at giggle ridge in cultus lake
 first time eating poutine
 together, we made our apostasy cups!
 remember my heart cookie photo i posted on vday? here's patrice with her flower cookie hehe
i celebrated my only birthday on the mission with patrice!
she threw me a birthday party at district meeting
and then we went and got my favorite butter chicken and naan after
our apartment was full of mirrors and so dearest patrice drank a lot of water before she went to bed so that she would wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and write on all our mirrors. this one's my favorite because she was clearly super tired at 3am and she wrote 'happy birtday' instead of 'happy birthday'
we were a sassy set of companions 
we worked hard together in the dirt hahaha (or rather, dust)
volunteered at local events, wearing these ugly vests hahaha
together, we attended a most memorable wedding
went to a Sikh temple for the first time!

i will forever think of patrice when i see pita bread hahaha
we had quite a lot of adventures, including receiving a blue potato from julian's dad
and one day while we were looking for some place, patrice convince me to drive into the forest (!!!) "that's the path to many houses in Edmonton" and we had a hard time reversing out of this one-way, narrow path hahaha
and there you have it, the most amazing companion ever.

dearest patrice,
i hope you have a most magical birthday.
just looking through those photos reminded me of all the adventures we had.
driving all around chilliwack to find a place that sells poutine, tracting by the river that one saturday morning and coming home to super dusty shoes, baking all sorts of cookies and breads almost everyday because of the bread bible, always looking out for the blizzard of the month and then sharing a blizzard on a hard day, running in the carpark every single morning, going to the sikh temple and worrying about finishing our food, going for an amazing massage and you trying to save your special chocolate souvenir from melting by putting it by the AC, getting sushi when we felt sad, me parking too close to the bushes when we went to visit the iversens and you having a hard time getting out, you dropping your earring every single night without fail and therefore always ending up on the floor searching for it, you wrapping your scarf around your head for protection against the rain the day you got transferred, going to the sketchy apartment complex that all our native investigators lived in several times a day hahaha, conversations with the security guard, and many many more.
oh gosh, i love you and i want to see you soon! (hopefully before i move to the east coast!)

and guess what, i found some of our videos hahaha:  
thank you for making that video with me and for sending my mother a birthday card without me knowing. omg you're the sweetest!
"i think we got a new investigator... a new"

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