Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the birthdays keep coming

as you can tell from the title of my post, i have been going to birthday party after birthday party and i feel like every other day is a good friend's birthday.
last night at 9pm i went to a birthday party for my dear friend marcus tanner. i swear i have 5 friends who have their birthday on february 21st.
anyway, i was pretty out of it (so tired) but here's the birthday boy:
happy 22nd birthday marcus!

in honor of this awesome, always cheerful and happy boy, i made rainbow cupcakes!
the different colors that i used
putting them in layer by layer
i tried to put the last layer as a heart.
well it didn't come out quite as cute
but the layers were SO CUTE. look at that.

and here's a happy photo from monday's froyo session with kersti to end off this blog post:
 LOVE HER. "everything will be okay in 10 years" hahaha


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