Sunday, February 5, 2012

初十二 ~ 初十四

sorry for being non-existent the past few days. been super busy this weekend!

CNY facts #12: so day 12 of the chinese new year is not really significant. people just eat and visit as usual. also, since the lantern festival (fifteenth day of the chinese new year) is nearing, people start preparing for it. families will go out and buy the lanterns, etc.
in some parts of china, the traditional custom is to make a fire with cypress branches. people then sit around the fire to warm themselves. it is also believed that the cypress fire can drive out evil spirits and pestilence. on top of that, people also burn their old furniture and some people even carve the burned cypress branch into the shape of a lock. parents make a necklace with the lock carving and give it to babies as a blessing. it is said that children will not get any disease after they warm themselves by the fire. old people also make wishes before the fire, wishing for a grandson.

day 12 is supposed to be the last day to eat all food greasy and rich and so my sisters and i had korean pork wraps. so good!
the food was so spicy and so amazing!
check out sam enjoying her wrap hahaha
and then sandra, dawn, cheryl, mark, ezra and i had a sugar party to celebrate the end of cheryl's sugar fast hahaha. we had a cupcake sampling. there were six cupcakes (better than whatever, dirty turtle, raspberry chocolate cheesecake, red velvet, brownie and mango berry from cocoa bean cafe) and we each had a small piece of each flavor. after which, we ranked the cupcakes from 1 to 6 on a piece of paper and checked to see if there was a unanimous vote haha.
the cupcakes!
dawn painstakingly cutting the cupcakes into 6 portions
everyone trying to decide on their ranking hahaha
you can't see it but we put everyone's rankings on an excel sheet and everyone's was so different and so we had this long discussion hahaha! turns out, dawn is a people pleaser and was the closest to everyone's votes hahaha.
 then we watched a bollywood movie (it wasn't very good and so we stopped it halfway and just watched other random funny videos)
 cheryl also made ghiradelli brownies. sugar overload!
these past few busy weekends remind me of my life pre-mission. i used to do all my homework during the week and then party like crazy on the weekends hahaha. i would stay out really really late on friday nights (since apartment curfew is later on friday nights) and then just play and play and play non-stop. that was impossible to do last semester but i guess cause this semester is my last and im taking minimal credits, thats why i get to play more and i love it!

CNY facts #13: on the thirteenth day of the chinese new year, a lot of people will eat pure vegetarian food for cleansing purposes since the past 12 days of the new year has been filled with lots of rich and greasy food. 
this day is dedicated to the General Guan Yu, also known as the Chinese God of War. Guan Yu was born in the Han dynasty and is considered the greatest general in Chinese history. he represents loyalty, strength, truth, and justice. almost every business in China will pray to Guan Yu on this day. before his life ended, Guan Yu had won over one hundred battles and that is a goal that all businesses in China want to accomplish. people look at him as the God of Wealth or the God of Success.

although its supposed to be a day of light meals, we had a chinese new year party to attend and so we had more good food hahaha. we had steamboat/hotpot for the third and last time during this chinese new year season at avriel and worthy's place.

 the hot and spicy soup table
 the miso soup table/the "interview/interrogation" table hahaha
 the married people table hahaha
cheryl, mark and keith all joined us at the hot and spicy table and so it was very fun. esp. cause we spent a big bulk of our time talking about secondary school hahahaha! oh memories
 avriel and worthy's daughter is THE CUTEST!
 and then the madness started with all the wii playing hahaha
 check out the intensity of the shaking!
 annalise wanted to play too hahaha
 annalise makes this face when you say 'cute, cute.' too bad we didn't snap the photo in time!

we ended the night with mahjong at keith and charles' place. keith is a mahjong pro hahaha. 
look at keith's super zai face hahaha. he's sam's mahjong shifu cause he taught her how to play mahjong last night hahaha
us relaxing while everyone else was taking a long time to decide move to make

and here's some absolutely hilarious videos to end the night:
 everyone was so super intense haha
 this is my favorite one - washing clothes hahaha

CNY facts #14: on the fourteenth day of the new year, people get things fully prepared for the lantern festival celebrations by preparing lanterns and making tang yuan for eating. people also get ready to go back to work since the new year celebrations are almost over.

k that was a long post. can't believe its been almost 15 days since the first day of the new year. well, can't wait for next year's new year cause i'll probably be back in singapore for the festivities yay!

and now im off to play more mahjong with keith, mark and cheryl :)



  1. also, your series of posts on chinese new year have been very informative!

  2. haha thanks! im kind of sad that the 15 days are over. im going to go back to being a bad blogger again, noooo hahaha