Tuesday, February 14, 2012

choose your love, love your choice

happy valentine's day!
its been a pretty uneventful day. feels like just any other day. 
but i could feel the love from my friends <3
since today is vday, i was reminded of this quote by president monson:  

extremely wise words of advice

i woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise on my table:
i don't know when my sister found the time to do this but aww, sisters forever
what a way to start off my vday 2012. so then i proceeded on to school. my capstone class was my first class of the day. i walked into class and there were 2 big boxes of krispy kreme donuts on the table hahaha. dearest denet brought them.
then i took out my strawberry cupcakes to give out to people before class started.
 doesn't it look yummy! leah said it tastes like real strawberries!
so basically, my group was the sweetest table this morning. we proceeded to have our group meeting after class and in the midst of our meeting, sweet melissa took this out from her bag for each of us:
brownie hearts! can it get any better than that?
well, apparently yes cause the day was just filled with lots of treats from dear friends.
  i love these creative cards!

and then my sisters and i decided not to cook and proceeded instead to buffalo wild wings for dinner. AM SO STUFFED NOW!
mango habenero, asian zing, thai curry, parmesan garlic, spicy garlic, and blazin' (!!!)
 getting ready to dig into our wings
 yum hahaha. so cute.
 there's no elegant way to do it. girls, pray hard you never have to go there on a first date hahaha. it won't be pretty hehehe.
so, that was how i spent my vday! and now i need to do some history of creativity homework (really just busy useless work :( super annoying) before i sleep.
i hope everyone had a good valentine's day. vday is so not just about couples. its about so much more. its about LOVE in every form.
love is...
  • waking up to that photo frame
  • seeing the smiles on friends' faces when they know you love them
  • bumping into an old friend on campus and showing you still love them
  • sitting in the living room doing your reading while your sister cooks lunch
  • walking to class with your sister and chatting it up and laughing
  • having a sister wait for you to get done with class to walk home with you
  • dropping your sister off at work and then going with your other sister to randomly get an ice-cream cone
  • cutting out little hearts and writing vday notes
  • having your friend drop by before her class so she can drop off vday notes and cookies and catch up if only for a bit (making her almost late for her class because she got caught up chatting with you)
  • dropping off strawberry cupcakes to much beloved friends and seeing their faces light up
  • having sisters to have vday dinner with
  • getting a text of thanks and happy vday
  • receiving emails from your mother showing you the gift exchange between your parents and thus helping you remember in your heart that eternal love exists 
  • whatsapp-ing your friends who are all the way across the world in singapore and hearing about their lives, their happiness, their sadness, their everything, like you were there right beside them
and the list goes on...
happy valentine's day.


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