Tuesday, February 28, 2012

leap day!

erm, i love how my title is so super random just cause i couldn't think of a better title and tmr is leap day! 
i read an article titled, "the leap day: 24 suggestions for celebrating a gift of extra time" yesterday and i want to do No. 23 (anyone has that movie?) and maybe No. 24 (don't think that one will happen). but, let's be realistic, tmr i will wake up, shower, go to class, go to work, have lunch, check my twitter, facebook and email, go to class again, go visiting teaching at 7pm, wash up and wind down for the night. hahaha oh gosh, my life is so exciting! i think there's a party going on somewhere tmr (probably several in fact haha). 
speaking of parties, i always think of organizing a party for these fun occasions - pancake day (today), leap day, pie day (3/14), st. patrick's day, easter, etc etc etc but alas, i don't have the time to do anything. and thats why the other day i tweeted that my dream job would be an event planner or a wedding planner cause then i could spend all day looking up ideas on Pinterest and actually use them hahaha. 

since i can't have all these awesome parties, i just simply do my best to meet up with my friends and do fun stuff.
this past weekend, we had a singaporeans taste test party. we had a series of things we had to taste test and we had to see if we could differentiate between the items in each category. the first category was: coke, diet coke, diet coke caffeine-free and coke zero (the coke zero was so fizzy!). and then i can't remember the sequence of the categories but we had:
2. freshly squeezed orange juice versus orange juice made from concentrate
3. godiva chocolate versus lindt chocolate
4. yellow gummy bear versus green gummy bear
5. haagen daaz vanilla bean ice-cream versus store brand vanilla ice-cream
6. different colors/flavors of jelly beans: cherry, strawberry, lime and lemon
7. chips ahoy reduced fat (i can't believe we could tell the difference!), chips ahoy regular and store brand imitation chips ahoy
8. fuji apples versus red, delicious apples

it was actually super fun taste testing everything and my sister got them all right and won $10 (her education in preparation to being a foods teacher has paid off hahaha):
my sister with her winning paper and the prize money/rissa asked me to take a photo of her and keith put out his hand at the perfect spot hahaha. CUTE
testing the coke. so serious hahaha
the group in the midst of taste testing
our hard worker for the night who poured the drinks, scooped the ice-cream, cut the apples, broke the chocolate up into small pieces, handed each of us the jelly beans and gummy bears while our eyes were closed.
keith and i trying to figure out the flavor/color of the jelly bean we just put in our mouth hahaha
tabulation of scores just for the fun of it
 the group (i like how estelle is actually on the phone with her boyfriend jesse and we forced her to take this photo with us hahahaha)
my favorite yellow monster hehe

and then today, danielle and i had a mid-day tuesday baking session. we made super yummylicious cinnamon rolls! we used her fiancé's mom's recipe and the rolls were amazing! 
danielle's room-mate has this amazing mixer thing that made making the dough so much easier! and gosh, look at how cute danielle is!
oops my hair got in there (don't worry, im sure the heat burned off all the germs (if any) and i just barely washed my hair before baking haha/danielle rolling the massive dough
the rolls before they expanded to their full size
frosting the fully baked rolls

i loved the time that we spent baking because while we were measuring the ingredients needed/waiting for the dough to rise/rolling the dough/spreading the butter, sugar and cinnamon on the dough/cutting the dough/placing the rolls on the trays/cleaning up, we had 3 hours to talk and catch up. this is something that we haven't had the chance to do all semester because we're busy/not in the same group for our capstone class haha.

anyway, after the rolls were all done (i think we made at least 50!), we each dished out a cinnamon roll and sat on the couch, relaxed and caught up:
so grateful to have met this girl my sophomore year and then again in the PR program! so excited to graduate together and so happy that she is getting married one day after graduation! (sad that i will be on a plane to new york and won't be able to make it)

its been such a good month! as i look at my photo album for this month, it amazes me how much i've done this whole month! best month of the year so far hahaha.

to end off this blog post, i just wanted to share an amazing experience that i had on sunday at church. 
right before the sacrament talks, i decided to write on a post-it some of my thoughts from the past few days, including questions that i've had. don't really know why i randomly decided to do it but i did. and guess what, as i sat and listened to the speakers, direct answers to my questions came. it was amazing. my first thought/question was "do women sacrifice too much when they choose to get married?" just cause i've recently heard of 2 friends whose fiancées will either give up their master's or defer for a year because of marriage. also, another friend mentioned that she wish she could just choose to go to new york like me but can't because she has to find a job based on where her fiancé received a job offer. 

im a super ambitious person and have always believed that settling down early is not for me because i would not be able to have a career and experience the world (i know, how worldly). therefore, the above mentioned is super hard for me to digest or understand. and guess what was the answer - "pure love always requires sacrifice." SO simple and SO beautiful. and then something closely related, "Your ambition is not what you want to be, it is what the Lord wants you to be, isn't it?" and then there were other really important things that i needed to hear too. church that day was everything i needed.

anyway, i can't believe its only tuesday. well, a new month starts after tmr (actually its past midnight so after today) and im excited for the adventures it will bring although its going to be a busier month academically and workwise. happy leap day! lets ring in the month of march with a bang!



  1. Hey Charlotte, I didn't know you had my new blog add (not v new actually haha) on your sidebar. Hope you're well! And yes do be a wedding planner. That's one of my dream jobs too! Take care!

  2. Amelia!
    Yes I just barely added the sidebar thing recently hehe. I LOVE reading your blog! your life is always so happening!
    oh i wish i could be a wedding planner! how do you even go about getting that job hahaha. you take care too!