Monday, February 20, 2012

president's day weekend

long weekend long weekend! i love it when we have a long weekend.
but, its our last one for the semester :(
we're halfway through the semester! ahhh!
im just so tired and i just want to go to new york now.
my friend sarah just started work in new york last week and im just so so so jealous! esp. when i read all her tweets! im excited to try all the good food places and basically just live in the city!
on friday night, my sisters and i decided to catch a movie at the dollar theatre and we decided to watch new year's eve even though i had already seen it before. and omg, new york city! plus earlier that night, we had gone to ikea and had seen many beautiful photos of new york on sale in the store too. my sister kept going, "ooh you should buy this," "ooh this one." and i said, "i'll take good photos like that when im there and frame it up on my wall." the best to look forward to.

anyway, this long weekend has been really good.
on thursday night, we celebrated whitney's birthday. it was a long wait for 10 people and so we had 2 tables of 5 people. and it so happened that our table was the five of us that are going to new york together. gabe came late and commented, "this is what its going to be like every night after work in new york. there'll always be someone who'll be late." and i could just picture it all in my head. what a heartwarming scene. and then we talked about our plans for when we're in new york. also, about how long we'll be able to play every night before we get absolutely exhausted from work and just want to go home straight from work hahaha. but then again, we only have a few months in new york, we have to live it up!
whitney, gabe, patrick, me, jessica
we made the waitress do a birthday shout out to whitney!
happy birthday whitney!

friday night: ikea+dollar movie
 i had this random idea to go to ikea after the temple and so of course we had to have the swedish meatballs!
just look at that! there wasn't enough sauce in my opinion though and for some strange reason, i think the ones in singapore taste better haha
and then we walked around ikea looking for a good wok but didn't find anything. we did find cute veggie plushies though. my sister laughed when she saw this photo cause the broccoli blends in with my coat.
this is when i went, "fine, you guys take a photo with the plushies then."
oh i love friday nights.

saturday: woke up and tried to be really productive because i knew i had a birthday party to go to at 4pm. got some stuff done and then figured i'd just finish up more stuff when i got home from the party (i was planning to be home like you know 8 plus). well, i was so wrong cause i got home at like 12 ish. hahaha. longest birthday party ever and the best too!
so, got to keith's place at around 4.15pm. we told mark to come over to make rice krispy treats and so thats what he thought we were doing. so when he came over, it was surprise! and we used the marshmallow gun we had made to shoot marshmallows at him. too bad he dodged pretty fast hahaha.
anyway, so the party started with a marshmallow 'war.' we made guns out of PVC pipes to shoot the marshmallows (im still waiting for the photos from cheryl). went to a playground and shot 5 bags or so of marshmallows at each other. it was SO FUN! 
went back to keith's place after and had pizza and then cake!
dawn and cheryl bringing in the ice cream cakes
 mark examining the cakes
 the beautiful AND delicious cakes
  "shouldn't that be command + c since i use a mac"
 the cake had five layers of ice-cream with red velvet cake at the bottom. my favorite was the raspberry chocolate layer. oh and the nutella too.
it was a geek themed party and so we all had glasses haha. 1. with the party planner / 2. with the birthday boy
this is such a random photo but here's ryan wearing my sister's ribbon hair clip as a bow tie hahaha. oh ryan.
the rest of the party was supposed to be spent watching a movie but we decided that we wanted to just play games instead. we played werewolf. ezra was a suicidal angel the first round hahaha, the second round was really fast and then the last round was really epic and the werewolves actually won! estelle's village idiot role was the best at the end of round three, (after listening to dawn's crazy long breakdown of things for her), she said, "i second sandra." to which dawn replied, "are you stupid?" and then we all realized, "oh, she's the village idiot." 
and then we played citadels while cheryl and ryan napped on the couch haha
 ryan hiding his face from the light hahaha
end of the night hahaha
sunday: church (i went to chinese sunday school today and i think i really like the chinese language a lot better for expressing emotions and deep things), nap, dinner, mahjong at keith's. end of story haha.
tmr: froyo with kersti and homework homework homework... 

and... i feel like making rainbow cupcakes tmr. we'll see hehe.


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