Sunday, February 12, 2012

vday weekend

vday weekend and it has been most uneventful hahaha.
i have messed up my sleep schedule and thats why im still up at 3am, not sleepy at all hahaha.
i ended up reading some PR articles cause there's nothing much to do at this hour hahaha.
my sisters and i noticed that everyone seems to be gone this weekend and then i remembered, oh yes the weekend before vday. most couples are probably doing something special this weekend to celebrate vday in advance. what are you doing for vday? hahaha
i will go to school and try my best to avoid lovey dovey couples hahaha. 

just thought back on past vdays and i miss vdays in jc the most.
jc 1: made a ton of pom pom flowers for my good friends.
 they look like this. i made so many, my hands hurt.
jc 2: decorated special wooden heart sticks for each good friend (with their name on one side and a photo of us on the other side) as well as sewed a felt heart to go along with the heart stick.
i also remember going to town for dinner with wai sze and sj after our extra lit lecture ended at 5.15pm and the couples walking down the crowded streets of orchard road beside us were super annoyed because of the heart-shaped balloons (that we had received earlier in the day) we hung on our bags that kept hitting them hahaha. singles vs. the couples hahaha.  
 i wonder if any of my friends still have their heart sticks hahaha. the photo on it is probably faded by now.
 i cannot believe i sewed so many felt hearts that year
year one of uni: meeting up with the dancers after work for vday dinner since all significant others were in the army.
i also remembered receiving a box of godiva truffles that were $5 a piece.
godiva truffles - i did share with my colleagues!
this is what i made for that vday. painted heart boxes haha. i don't even remember what i put in them -_-
 boys in singapore have to serve in the military right after the major exams (A'Levels) and so for the first year and a half or so of university life, girls only get to see their boyfriends on the weekends.
now that i think about it, i used to be so much more crafty and artsy when i was younger haha.
birthday boards were my favorite things to make.
and while looking for some old photos, i read some blog posts from my old blog and gosh, i was so emo and used poetry/quoted literature in my posts everyday hahaha.
"love will not be destroyed from the outside, it can only be destroyed from within." -mr. smith
"love keeps us safe in catastrophic times" - boey kim cheng 
"Lost love is still love, Eddie. It takes a different form, that's all. You can't see their smile or bring them food or tousle their hair or move them around a dance floor. But when those senses weaken, another heightens. Memory. Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it." -"the five people you meet in heaven"
"But my heart would not bleed poetry. Not a single drop to stain the blueprint of our past's tomorrow." -boey kim cheng
"like children placed on carousels they cannot get off from, borne along through somebody's expensive fantasyland." -boey kim cheng
and, a sneak peek into how i used to write: 
"im off to write my christmas cards. if you've been a nice friend this year, you'll get one haha. 
tonight i will embark on my mission to write that one christmas card that will tear my heart apart. 
i didn't send you one last year and i wondered if you noticed and did it bother you at all.
i don't know if i will have enough courage to send it but i think for tonight, im insane enough to write it although i really don't know how to pen it down.
thinking about what i would write in the card almost made me cry this afternoon.
and then i started thinking about how you would react and that made me forget about the whole thing altogether in a jiffy.
but now i think i have to write it, its been bothering me for too long and i hope this brings closure."
*wow, how emo and all i can say is time heals all wounds.
one thing that hasn't changed: i'm still a super sentimental person who really treasures every single moment of my life. MEMORIES is probably my favorite word in the world.

anyway, i should go to bed. this year, i think i'll make some nice, pink strawberry cupcakes?
wish i had the heart and time to make real presents. but then again, i don't know who i would give them to hahaha.


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