Friday, March 2, 2012


"missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. it's about that moment when you're doing something and wishing they were right there with you."
i love new adventures (like moving to new york) because they keep you moving ahead and creating new memories. but at the same time, when adventures are over, as you look back on these memories, there is a sense of longing in your heart, esp. for the people you created those memories with.
i love this quote up there because its so true. i believe that in your heart, there are certain people you miss all the time but that missing becomes apparent when something you're doing/you're experiencing takes you back to a particular memory and you wish you could relive that memory with the same person. that longing really feels like it could kill me inside sometimes hahaha.

its the weekend! and im probably going to actually go to bed early cause i'm meeting dearest amber for lunch tmr! i have not seen that girl since right after thanksgiving last year? hahaha. so im excited.
today was a good day because of gabe's tweet to patrick & i at 3.48pm: "check your emails ASAP :) !!!" hahaha. i'm getting a chance to interview with another NY internship provider, on top of the interview i already have scheduled that i talked about yesterday! so next week is basically going to be my week of phone/skype interviews. nervous! was doing some research on the companies just now and im really excited for this agency that i just found out im interviewing with. well, wish me luck. 
AND, crystal's friend who works at disney (who crystal told me to get in touch with) finally responded to my message and she's going to give me some tips for preparing for my disney phone interview on monday. life is working out hahaha.

besides that, something interesting happened today haha. my sister walked in the door with a baby carrier thing and i was so confused. i quickly peeked in to see if there was an actual baby inside the carrier. well, there was. but it was a fake baby haha. so, my sister is student teaching in the high school now and as part of child development classes, the students have to take home a fake baby (that is programmed to function on a real baby's schedule and act like a real baby) and take care of it. therefore, my sister took one home to try out the process too i guess. the baby cries non-stop when its hungry or need a diaper change and its super annoying! it also makes a 'gulp gulp' sound when its drinking milk (which it really isn't actually doing. it just senses the milk bottle). anyway, its the strangest thing ever and my sister has to bring it everywhere she goes! well, good luck to her when it cries in the middle of the night. all that crying made me realize, well, im not ready for motherhood cause i love my sleep too much hahahaha. here's the "baby":
creepy huh.

and here's a fun little photo i saw on facebook today HAHAHA:
some boys really need to be told that!

on a random sidenote, anyone have good ideas for grad announcement photos? im thinking i want to use balloons for props. yes? no?



  1. hahahaha in high school i had to do the whole "take care of a baby" thing, but it was a bag of flour, so i didn't have to worry about it crying or anything. i know that i'm not ready either because i need my sleep! haha!

  2. hahaha yeah its crazy! i think i wouldn't mind it as much if it were actually a real baby you know!
    hehe yup sleeptime is so important! p.s. your sister's boys are SO CUTE! little dallin has such huge eyes!