Sunday, March 4, 2012

gender, love, friendship

the weekend is over once again. sad day.
and this week im actually going to be busy with phone/skype interviews so im really not looking forward to it since im usually pretty carefree during the week and don't have much stress haha.
OH, and there's the publishers fair i've been putting together for months now thats happening wednesday. ahh so many things, all in one week. doesn't life always happen that way haha.
anyway, just came home from mahjong with the woo clan. i seriously fail sometimes at being contactable haha. my sisters and i finished chatting after dinner at like 8 ish and i went to get my phone. i received a missed call and a text message from mark at 6.53pm asking about mahjong tonight. then i checked my facebook and saw that keith had facebook messaged me at 5.50pm asking about mahjong tonight hahaha. so yes, im ashamed that they had to call, text and facebook message me and to no avail haha. 
well, i eventually went over at like 8.45pm hahaha cause i felt bad that they had put in so much effort to contacting me haha. 

this weekend, i got to see amber courtright! after like 3 over months haha. i fail at being a good friend even though im not as busy this semester. how ironic. 
we went to get yummy korean food at myung ga and omg had so much food! we both got the pork bulgogi (돼지 불고기) and tofu soup (순두부) combo. omg so authentic! it was also a hilarious situation because the rice is served in a hot stone pot and is therefore piping hot. so amber and i would eat a mouthful of the tofu stew and then eat some rice to go with it and would often blow on the soup but forget to blow on the rice and so its like 'ahh hot, hot, hot' hahaha. 
plenty of food hehe

and then as we were sitting and just catching up, we started talking about something really interesting. we talked about why we think guys take a longer time to get over their heartaches. you know how people always say women are more vulnerable, but actually, guys who have been hurt after putting their all into a relationship take a much longer time to recover. 
we think its because guys don't have as much emotional support as girls do. guys don't have guy friendships like girls do because society would view them as gay if they did. therefore, when a guy goes through a breakup, they often just keep all that pain inside of them (also because guys generally don't like to tell people their problems) and try to let time heal all wounds (which can take many many years). as humans, we all need some kind of emotional support and when we don't get it, that doesn't help the situation.
because of the heartache and all that time it takes to heal, many guys can't bring themselves to love someone again. and in some cases, this leads to the player guys or the one-night stand party guys who just fool around because they don't want to get hurt again after putting their whole heart into another serious relationship.
and for some guys, they may be 29 or so when they are ready to date again and many girls (well, in utah) will think, "why isn't he married yet? whats wrong with him? does he have some problems with pornography or video games?"
interesting to think about it huh. what do you think?

anyway, always grateful to spend time with amber. i hope she gets into a grad school on the east coast cause then we can continue partying together hehe.

amber also finally got to pass me my christmas present (its been 2 over months since we celebrated christmas, i know, i know):
and of course, everything she got me is super cute! 
my favorite is the eiffel tower keychain that now hangs with my keys. it reminds me that i need to hurry and fulfill my dream of visiting paris. 
i've been so lucky in that i've had super nice friends who bring me things from their trips to france. first, morgan with a super nice green scarf and now amber with the paris trademark! now i need to go and bring some nice stuff back!
and on saturday night after i got home from hanging out with amber, i thought about how grateful i am for the amazing friends that i have in my life. 
i think i've been so lucky all my life to always have supportive friends who love me and are genuinely interested in my life. no matter where i've been, in singapore or in utah or in florida or in vancouver, i've always made great friends.
in singapore, i have my sc twinnie candice, my sa class clique, the dancers, friday clique, eeli, the citibankers, my cousins, etc.
in utah, i have melissa, tyson & sora, the singaporeans, amber, morgan, monika & kersti, steven & marcus, asian ward girls, the disney girls, danielle, and the PR kids.
speaking of danielle and the PR kids, im actually super grateful for them. when i first got into the PR program (in 2009), i got to know a group of people who had gotten into the program at the same time as me and got close to them. however, when i got back to school last year, all of them had already graduated and everyone in my PR classes were unfamiliar faces who all knew each other already since they had gotten into the program around the same time. i struggled to fit in but they took me in with open arms. and today, i go to my PR classes super happily because i know these people well and even hang out with several of them on a regular basis and we even applied to new york together and are going to live our dreams together this summer. SO EXCITED!
and so, as you can see, no matter where i've been or at what stage of my life i've been in, God has always placed amazing people in my life to love me and support me. and for that, i am eternally grateful!   

and thats all i have for today. goodnight. lets rock this week!

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