Thursday, March 1, 2012


so, what did everyone do on leap day?
i know a couple of people who got engaged :)
speaking of engagements, my sisters and i were chatting just now and my little sister was telling me about this meme proposal and so i looked it up and omg, SO SWEET!
the last meme was probably my favorite haha

anyway, it was a pretty normal day for me. 
i spent some extra time working cause i had to pitch the media for the Publishers Fair and work on other stuff as well. (sounds so sad)
my friend said that leap day would really be extra time to do all the stuff we wanted to do but never have the time to, if only we didn't have work or school. so true. 

so, right as i was getting off work, i checked my email and saw that i had gotten an email from disney, "dear charlotte, thank you for your interest in Disney Theme Parks & Resorts Professional Internships. based on the content of your application, we have identified you as a strong candidate, and would like to invite you to complete an initial phone screen." omg i was totally freaking out when i saw that! i had completed the application back in january and didn't think i would be hearing from them anytime soon cause the deadline's not till march 2nd. 
anyway, i got on my laptop and scheduled my phone interview for monday as soon as i got home. i chose the latest possible day so i would have time to do my research and ahh, just the thought of being able to go back to disneyworld is driving me crazy! that would be amazing! and my little sister just submitted her application for a finance internship there too so hopefully we both get it! it will be amazing!
funny story: i scheduled my phone interview and then received an email confirmation, "this message is a confirmation of your scheduled phone screen on March 5, 2012 at 5:00 PM" and i freaked out because i signed up for the 3PM slot. and then i realized, "oh right, eastern time." oh man, can't wait to be back on the east coast!
back to being so tanned and back to playing in the parks all day
back to beach activities!
and not forgetting dole floats any time any day!

well, hopefully i get it. we did mock interviews in my business writing class today and i had written my cover letter according to the job description/responsibilities for this professional internship and printed the job posting for the mock interviewers to refer to. and so they asked me questions according to this particular job posting and it went well. yay for practice. my mock interviewers were so nice haha. they started the interview straight up with, "we just want to say that we're very impressed with what you have to offer." 

on a not-so-fun note, i received a phone call from a potential internship provider for NY and its the one that i really didn't want. but oh well, i have a phone interview on tuesday with them. i almost cried while talking to jeff about the internship provider and wanted to cry more when i was scheduling the interview and asked if there's anything they wanted me to prepare and the lady said, "we have your resume (and portfolio). it'll be more of a chance for us to get to know you." (my friend who went to NY last year said that when he had his interview, it was basically, "we want someone who can do this this this... can you do those things?" and after he said "yes," they said, "okay, i guess we'll have to prepare a desk for you then") i don't want to act like i know i'll get this internship but i feel like im going to. so yes, all afternoon i've been trying to convince myself that Heavenly Father knows that this is the best thing for me. you should ask my little sister, i've been mumbling under my breath, "well, i'll get good experience since its corporate PR and thats what i want to do eventually," "well, at least i won't be poor since its a paid internship," (and then calculating how much i'll be earning) "well, at least i won't have to worry about turning down a job offer if i do get disney and will have to move to florida right after new york," etc etc etc. im just praying hard that jessica gets the internship too so at least it'll kinda be a party. and they're taking 3 interns so at least its not just me stuck at an internship i don't want to be at. 

so i was kinda bummed out the whole afternoon and then i had to go to the NY prep class at 5.30pm. bad timing for a class but we talked about NY stuff - taking the subway, field trips, broadway shows, touring activities, the I-House, etc and it got me excited about new york again. when i was showering just now, i thought to myself, "i should have just taken edelman cause at least that one is prestigious AND they pay for your housing and stuff on top of your salary." but then i thought to myself again, "new york is an amazing city and so even if i don't have the most amazing internship, just being able to experience living in the city for a couple of months would be an amazing opportunity of a lifetime." plus, who knows, my internship might turn out to be amazing right?

SO EXCITED for broadway shows and the empire state building and all the pretty museums and coney island and central park and madison square garden and everything that new york has to offer. its going to be great!

so, thats my news for today. oh and yesterday my older sister and i went to the grad fair to get our grad stuff and omg, its official, class of 2012:
and the amazing stephanie is going to take our grad announcement photos soon. can't wait!

yesterday, i also baked nutella cheesecake bars:
    i personally think they look like nanaimo bars hehe. i brought it to class and everyone loved them though so thats good hehe. 

well, its friday tmr! weekend weekend! can't wait. don't know if im doing anything particularly exciting though so we'll see hahaha.


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