Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday thoughts

"i love photos because the best thing about it is that it never changes, even when the person in it does."

just spent most of my sunday writing letters to my friends who are on missions. it feels good to sit down and just write letters the old school way. takes us back to the basics and reminds me of what is really important in my life. ever too often, we get caught up with our own lives and pass over the moment to just ponder and catch up with the important people in our lives who we have not been good at keeping in touch with lately. people who may be far away from us, people who want to hear from us.

the weeks fly by so fast and i've had a good week once again. esp. since i found out where i will be interning at in new york -- goodman media. and my office is right in the heart of times square. that makes me so happy and im glad i don't have to keep worrying about where im going to be at, etc. 
so on friday, i was in the lab and i was talking to gabe about goodman since we both interviewed. at the same time, jeff (my lab director who's coordinating the internship placements) was on the phone but we didn't know who he was talking to. suddenly, he gets off the phone and points at gabe and i and said, "you and you. i need you to follow me now." following which, he flew out the door and ran up the stairs. gabe and i were so confused and we just tried to keep up with him. so, we thought he ran up to the third floor and so we did. but when we got to the third floor, he was nowhere to be seen. then i saw him on the second floor and when we got to the second floor, he disappeared. well, we finally all reunited and jeff went into the PRSSA room and said, "shut the door behind you." can you imagine how nervous gabe and i were. we went in, took a seat and jeff proceeded to call someone. gabe looked at me and was like 'whats going on?' and i replied, "i don't know." jeff chuckled and said, "i'll tell you in a bit." he then called beth garcia (we interviewed with her for the goodman internship) and she extended an internship offer to both of us. i wanted to scream for joy and jump up and down! so yes, goodman it is and i get to go with gabe! 
the goodman office. 28th floor.

other things that have been going on:
lots of baking has been happening in our apartment haha. 
on monday, i made raspberry swirl cheesecakes. it was a recipe i found on pinterest and it tasted really good! oh pinterest. love it.
doesn't it look good?

on tuesday, caressa and i got together and made a blueberry pie since it was pi day (3.14) on wednesday. we actually got really distracted watching dream high and so the pie didn't turn out so great and the recipe was just weird i think hahaha. oh well, so we watched a full episode of dream high while the pie baked for an hour and oh gosh, i loved having caressa to talk to cause we always have the same thoughts with regards to the characters or we can predict the next part of the show hahaha. we are such drama queens. you should see us at church on sundays when we would discuss the shows we watched hahaha. love her. 
it was actually caressa's first baking experience and so look at her noob face hahaha
our pie!
there was so much juice!
yesterday, since it was st. patrick's day i baked green velvet cupcakes:
super green (before baking)
and then it turned a nice dark green after baking

speaking of st. patrick's day, on friday monte brought me a st. patrick's day treat at work:
 it was so nice and green and tasted super good. the sourness of the green apples balanced out the sweetness of the green cheesecake. 

i also got to finally catch up with one of my best friends melissa. we always try a new asian restaurant each time we meet up and this time, it was green panda. green panda is a pretty new taiwanese restaurant that took over the boba place that melissa and i loved going to in the past. it is located on north university ave.
melissa got the curry with rice and a mango boba. i got the popcorn chicken fried rice and a taro boba. the curry tastes like japanese curry so don't expect a chinese kind of more fluidy curry that you're used to eating. the popcorn chicken fried rice was really good! the rice was very fragrant and the popcorn chicken tasted like the salt and pepper dishes you would get at most chinese restaurants. the boba drinks are pretty milky so if you're not a fan of milky boba, skip that. 
so, while the food was pretty good, the service was actually really bad and slow. when we got to the restaurant, there was one family that had just started eating and we noticed that there was a long table that had a lot of dirty dishes that had not been cleared yet. we ordered our food and then suddenly, a whole lot of people started coming in after about 15 minutes. 
we waited a good half an hour to 45 minutes for our food. we weren't in a hurry and we were just catching up but we were sure hungry. plus, they took forever to clear the dirty table and the people who came in had nowhere to sit at one point. 
and in a situation like this where you can't bring us the food fast, you would assume that they would bring us our boba first so we would at least have something to drink. nope, our boba only came a few minutes after we started eating our food. so yeah, good food but they really need to hire more people.
our food finally came!

this past weekend, i also got to see a lot of people from the mission. it was nice cause i haven't seen mission people much this semester. and it looks like we don't even have a mission reunion this general conference. weird.
friday: had dinner with monika, my second "daughter," at sam hawk. i was craving korean food and when i texted her to ask her what she wanted to eat, she asked if there are any good korean restaurants in provo. ahh so perfect haha.
떡볶이 & 해물바전
 after eating the yummy food and leaving smelling like korean bbq hahaha
saturday: we all gathered at preston's apartment for lunch and i finally got to meet his wife who is super sweet! we reminisced as he talked about funny memories we've had while introducing me to his wife and then alice and i talked about her wedding photos and married life and at some points, we agreed on things and preston disagreed with us haha. i can already see that his wife and i are going to get along so well haha.
 there was a big group of us but people started leaving and we forgot to get a picture before everyone left.
saturday night: i was craving mimi's cafe and so we went there for dinner. it was super empty. in fact, provo was just super empty this whole weekend. i had very unglam moments in the restaurant, one of which included me stuffing my burger in my mouth just as our waiter appeared in front of us, etc hahaha. but my craving was satisfied haha. i've been trying to eat at places i love in provo before i leave for new york. anyone have any suggestions of places to eat at before leaving?

that concludes my week. im excited for a new week and hope its a good one. this next weekend should be good with the festival of colors on saturday and then capri's baby blessing on sunday. oh and i need to get this graduation announcement thing done. k, sleeptime!



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  2. i don't have suggestions about where to eat before only suggestion is DON'T LEAVE ME. :)