Tuesday, March 6, 2012


yay tuesday is almost over and im done with my 3 interviews for this week.
i guess its good that i scheduled them all on the first 2 days of the week so i can relax for the rest of the week even though today was crazy with an interview at 10.30am and one at 12pm. 
and omg, the one at 10.30am thought we had scheduled the interview for 10.15am but i was dead sure that we scheduled it for 10.30am because i specifically told her that i only get out of class at 10.15am and therefore the 10.30am timing. oh well, hopefully they don't mark me off because i was "late" for the interview because i really wasn't. what a relief! i really do not like interviewing because there are endless questions they could ask you and you can't prepare for all of them.
my least favorite question ever has got to be "tell me about yourself." its like, "can you be any more vague" hahaha.
but its okay, its all done and now the waiting game begins haha. and that is always painful. 
and hopefully i get to do more interviews (the irony of it all - more interviews equals to more chances) because many of the agencies actually haven't even gotten back to us. 
can't wait to actually get to walk in central park. im going to spend my sunday afternoons reading/writing my journal in the park

gabe's tweet today said it all: "Things on my mind: NYC, food, graduation, NYC. Repeat." thats how i feel about my life everyday. I CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE TO NEW YORK!!!
i can't wait for my not for tourists new york book to arrive cause i should start planning out things that i want to do while im there. one of the internship providers i interviewed with asked if i could stay till august. very tempting if i don't get disney.

anyway, another set of good news i received today: JANET WONG IS COMING TO UTAH TO VISIT! (janet is a golden investigator i had who got baptized my second last transfer)
im already planning out in my mind all the fun things we're going to do when she comes. its going to be the first time in a little more than a year where kersti, janet and i will be together at the same place at the same time! (kersti and i have been back to vancouver on separate occasions and have seen janet then)
its going to be awesome! we'll go do baptisms at the temple, take photos at the 7 temples between provo and bountiful, show janet around campus, do things college kids do (get froyo, crepes/waffles, jdawgs, etc), go to general conference together, see the isoms, and just enjoy each other's company!
 janet flies in on the day of my capstone presentation. also the day i host the diplomat in residence for my work. so yes, it will be a crazy day but i'll get to see janet at the end of that painful day haha.
the people i helped reach baptism on my mission hold a very special place in my heart <3 

anyway, i hope this rest of the week goes well. i have baking plans with caressa, girls night plans with the new york girls, divine comedy plans with cheryl (its been so long since i've last been to a DC show), vocal point with the sisters, and more. only one over month more in provo! i have to see everyone before i leave. sigh there's always people you find hard to leave behind when you leave each place right?

have a good week everyone!


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