Sunday, March 11, 2012

we all need saving

had the most amazing week and weekend!
i'm really loving how relaxed my last semester is. sure i still have homework and stuff but at least i can breathe on the weekends.
plus, its been so nice out this past week. its spring! yesterday i walked out of my house and i thought i was in california hahaha.

anyway, my week's been amazing because:
1. the publishers fair is over!
more than 200 people came and so it was a successful event!

2. i finally got to have lunch with morgan shaw at our usual hangout place - the pendulum court.
we're both applying for disney and so if all goes well, we could be in florida together and we could very well be roommates again. wouldn't that be AMAZING. 
and i always love chatting with morgan because she always gives me some good insights on life and what to do with my life!

3. half off all crepes with the new york girls because it was international women's day on thursday!
i love the name of the crepes at roll up crepes - the break up, summer fling, true love, the awkward first date, single, etc. i had the true love hahaha. 
it was a much needed girls night with the new york girls as we talked about our hopes and dreams (and fears) about new york. can't wait to be there!

4. divine comedy with mark, cheryl, dawn, neil and sarah
i hadn't been to a divine comedy show since before the mission and i used to go to these shows all the time before the mission.
seriously just laughed my heads off at all the jokes, especially the very BYU ones hahaha. 
im really grateful for the time that i've been able to spend with cheryl these past 2 semesters.
growing up, because we're 2 years apart in age, we always missed each other when it came to being in the same school at the same time. when i graduated from SAJC, she entered SAJC. and then when i left for my mission, she came to BYU. and then we were calculating that if she went on her mission right after her 21st birthday, she would have left right as i was getting back to BYU. but, she decided to put in her papers later and so i've been able to spend at least 2 semesters at BYU with her and its been awesome! and if all goes well, she'll be in new york on her mission when im there interning. funny how things work.  
and i love it when people ask, "you guys hang out?/you guys know each other?" cause hello,
we've known each other forever hahaha
 and on saturday night, i had the privilege of taking cheryl mission clothes shopping! so exciting to see her prepare for her mission! and then next month, i get to go with her to the temple for her own endowment! my favorite thing in the world is when you get to be there with your good friends during important moments in their lives. it means the world to me to be right beside them during those moments. 

5. tried out a new hairstyle after watching all those hair tutorials hahaha and it came out pretty good.

6. my treat to the sisters for a little sisters time this weekend - vocal point in concert.
i got tickets to the concert because my older sister really loves them and i was just kinda tagging along. but then, i REALLY enjoyed the show. they were so good! mckay (the guy in the picture above) was my favorite. he's amazing!
my favorite part of the concert was that in between performances (with song introductions and all), they shared very deep and meaningful messages to go along with their performances. one such song was "we all need saving" by jon mclaughlin. "don't tell yourself you can't lean on someone else cause we all need saving sometimes." it was a great inspirational reminder to me.
this was by far my favorite for the night (the video quality is not very good so you might not be able to hear how awesome it was haha). its kinda cute and boyband-y too hahaha.
i loved the 12 days of christmas medley they did too. "we should listen to christmas music all year round!" hahaha
and here's video of them on the sing-off with jake hunsaker sounding pretty much exactly like michael buble! 
great acapella group!
and when we met them out in the lobby after the show, we were just chatting and one of the guys asked what each of us was studying and when he heard that i am studying PR, he asked me to help them with their PR haha. he even told me what time their rehearsals were and where so i could come find them hahaha. sounds like a lot of fun and i wouldn't mind doing it for the experience. we'll see hehe. 

7. i got to see PATRICE NELSON! we haven't really had a chance to actually sit and chat properly since she's been home from the mission even though its been awhile. she was in california for the weekend and then she was going to be in salt lake for a couple of hours before heading back to idaho. so, i picked her up from the airport and we headed over to temple square and sat by the reflection pool and just chatted for 2 over hours. it was SO GREAT. 
and what better place to hang out at than temple square right? love the spirit of the place itself. i always feel so calm just walking through it.
plus, the weather today was perfect to just stay out for a long time.

9. and guess what, as we were sitting and chatting, i spotted a family that looked really familiar but i thought to myself, "it can't be," but surprise surprise, it was the gao family from my mission! i turned to patrice and said, "omg, a family from my mission!"
it was so good to see them and i loved that it was such a coincidence that i happened to be on temple square this weekend! tender mercies.

10. cheryl finally posted photos of our marshmallow shooting "war" from mark's birthday haha

im once again grateful for the people heavenly father has placed in my life. 
patrice was in california for kamille's wedding this weekend and there were a lot of mission people who went as well. some of the things patrice said today got me thinking about my relationships with the people from my mission as well as who will be there with me sharing my joy on my wedding day. deep things to think about. sometimes im too deep a thinker for my own good hahaha. 
today was stake conference and if there's something important i took away from it, its to "have patience in others' weaknesses." im doing my best to be the good friend that other people have been to me in my life and i think that piece of advice will help me along the way. 

wow, that post took a long time to write and i was really sleepy and now i won't be in bed as early as i wanted to but that's fine. tmr's the start of a new week and we're down to 41 days to new york, 39 days to graduation, 34 days to finals and till my parents come, 31 days to the last day of classes, 20 days to general conference and 18 days till i get to see janet wong. whoa, where did the semester go?

well, i hope this week goes well! am finally going to get to see melissa for a dinner catch-up this week! plus, sister wu is in town this week! have a good one everyone!


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