Tuesday, March 27, 2012

writer's block

25 days to new york, 23 days to graduation, 18 days to finals and till my parents come, 15 days to the last day of classes, 4 days to general conference and 2 days till i get to see janet wong. OMG.
so, as you can tell, i haven't felt like blogging in awhile but finally decided to today.
today was one crazy day for me. 
my capstone class group worked together on our final presentation and booklet for 3 over hours straight. we were going crazy by the end. but our booklet is done and we just have to present on thursday evening and then we're done for the semester! omg. i can't believe my capstone class is almost over! i've had an amazing group and im eternally grateful for them.
anyway, after working on our group stuff, i had to prepare stuff for our UDOT surveys, practically run down the hill to my car and then run off to pick the girls so that i could drop them off in spanish fork, run back to provo to turn in my M Com assignment, eat and then run back to spanish fork to pick the girls. 
by the time i got back to provo at 4 ish, i felt like my whole day had been a whirlwind. 

decided that since i was already in my car and since i needed to go to walmart to get some stuff, that i would invite my sister to go with me so that we could get our graduation announcements printed.
they turned out really nice and im pretty satisfied with them, taking into consideration that we just took photos on friday with my camera. nothing fancy. here's a preview of some of the shots that we didn't use:
i had a list of places to take photos at but we ended up taking most of our pictures at some random school we passed by as well as at a park near walmart in orem hahaha
rissa had some pretty hilarious jumping shots because her hair wouldn't cooperate. it was pretty funny.
we also chanced upon a cute baby while at the park:
how cute right!

so anyway, rissa and i got our graduation announcements printed and now we just have to send them off! i'm glad those are finally out of the way hehe. next step, we just have to graduate haha.
we also did a little shopping for our smart cookie graduation party next week while waiting for the announcements to be printed. does anyone know where to get lots of mason jars for really cheap? we found some at DI but there wasn't a lot. 
speaking of our party, i came up with a list of 10 cookies yesterday for the cookies bar and im absolutely excited about next saturday! the only thing is, what games can we play? i don't want it to be too boring. but then again, food and people are always good for a party hahaha. im excited!

some other important things that have been going on: 
1. baby capri's baby blessing!
omg she is such a darling. i am completely in love with her! we headed up to thanksgiving point on sunday for her baby blessing and then got to spend some time with her after at tim and crystal's place where they had a little brunch with delicious food.
she's an angel. and look at her sleeping so soundly. so cute!
2. my last festival of colors in utah
the weather was perfect for it but it wasn't as fun this time as it was when i went in 2008? i think the last time we stayed a shorter amount of time and there was just one throwing. it was a first for my sisters though so they can check that off their bucket list haha. 
we were pretty colorful. thankfully we managed to dust a lot of it off before sitting in the car and driving home haha. 
look at the colors go up in the air

on sunday evening, my hometeacher came over and he shared something that really stuck with me. he asked me what my major was and then as i explained what PR is (maintaining relationships, etc), he talked about how the happiness we feel in our lives is created by the relationships we have in our lives. we all need to have those relationships in our lives to keep us happy but the most important relationship we can have is with our Heavenly Father. if you know me well, you'll know that i'm a person who tries my best to keep in touch with and spend time with all my friends. this is because these relationships mean a lot to me and they bring me happiness. however, sometimes i find myself left in a state where i'm so tired my prayers are not as long or i fall asleep halfway through praying. i really needed that little reminder of which relationship to put first in my life. 
also, i was reminded that it doesn't matter so much my list of things that i want to do before i graduate or before this, before that. what matters is the people i spend time with and the relationships i develop and strengthen. 
am definitely going to miss having my sisters around. they're always willing to do random stuff with me such as go to guru's when i feel like having sweet potato fries hahaha:
 i can't believe we're going to be living apart again, boo. and at least for this summer, we'll be in different states/countries. rissa in provo, sam in singapore and me in new york. and then who knows what will happen after the summer. i dislike growing up :(

anyway, i can't wait for the week to end and for janet to come. its going to be a lot of fun this weekend and im glad im going to finally have a whole weekend to just rest and listen to the words of the prophet and the apostles. have a good one!


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  1. thank you for not posting the jump shots of me... cos i would KILL you. hahaha. <3