Friday, April 27, 2012

can't believe its only been a week since graduation!

i promised i would blog and so here it is!
so what has happened?
well, we did the whole finals and graduation thing and a day after that, i was finally able to change my facebook profile page to say, "lives in New York, New York." hehe. cheap thrill.

so my parents came into town on the 14th of April (first day of finals) and we spent the night in salt lake for dinner and then did grocery shopping. so fun to be together again.
sunday we all went to my ward and then to the temple to take photos:

monday: had 2 finals to take and no motivation to drag out my finals and so i studied super hard the whole day, took both finals and was done by 9pm! no more finals forever.
tuesday: shopping with the parents and buffalo wild wings for dinner!

wednesday: dim sum and city creek in salt lake
dim sum was awesome and i actually really liked city creek. pretty good shopping and i love the atmosphere, etc.
 we even got to eat at cheesecake factory. yum.
then spent some time on temple square since we were in the area

thursday: graduation lunch at tucanos!
 i hadn't had tucanos since before the mission so that was nice. i was really full though and that made me sleepy for graduation haha.

graduation week was super stressful for me cause we were out every day and i was exhausted by the time i got home so i didn't pack and all. and i just had so much stuff to pack that i would keep repacking so i could find a better way to pack it all in.
i'm so grateful to every single person who has helped me to reach graduation though. i could never have done it alone. and i loved our graduation message, "you can do hard things!"
i managed to pack everything in on friday night right before i left on saturday morning. got sent off by the sisters and the best friend and of course, i cried. i seriously suck at saying goodbyes.

and now im in NEW YORK! stay tuned for the first few days of fun and the past few days of work!


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