Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter sunday

easter sunday.
this past week was so crazy and i had so much going on that i almost forgot how meaningful this weekend was supposed to be.
on friday, we had a scholarships and awards luncheon for the department of communications. it was at the hinckley center and we had a really nice sit down lunch with about 10 full tables of PR, advertising, broadcast and journalism students, faculty and donors. 
some of my favorite PR people
i really enjoyed it but my favorite part was when the Dean got up and spoke. he talked about how while we are being honored, we should also remember to honor our Savior since it was good Friday. it was a perfect reminder for me because oh-so-often we get caught up in our own achievements and forget to thank the Lord for helping us along the way and for the Savior's infinite Atonement that allows us to move along each day, make mistakes and still be able to repent and be made clean. what a great gift.
we watched this video in sunday school today and i really liked it because it reminds us of what he went through for us and reminds us that 'he is risen!'

and since we didn't have anything in particular planned for tonight, i invited caressa over for dinner and then we just dyed eggs as part of the easter fun.
korean food for the korean drama freaks
mixing the dyes!
i love caressa's facial expression in the third photo! 
aww so cute
crazy sister
sisters. aww.
 people think we look like sisters. i think people just think all asians look alike hahaha.

well, how was your easter?
tmr marks the third last day of school. i can't believe we're already so close to the end! rissa and i threw a smart cookie graduation party yesterday night. (i'll blog about it some time soon) its really starting to sink in. new york after graduation. but then what? what should i do with my life?
okay i should just stop thinking and go to sleep.

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