Monday, April 30, 2012

first weekend in new york

we've only been in new york for a week? really? i don't know how that is possible but i'm loving my time here and wish 7 weeks would drag out hahaha.
so, the first weekend of our new york life is over and we're into ourr first full week of work. exciting stuff. i'm actually really excited for work. i love what i'm doing and how much i'm learning. can i please just stay out here! i've been looking for jobs and there aren't many entry-level jobs available. either that or i'm just not seeing them. its annoying having to look for jobs on the weekend or after you come back from your after-work adventures cause you're just so tired and you don't want to have to write cover letters and what not. 

so, first weekend in new york and we did a lot.
first, here's a photo from friday night that patrick put together which i really like:
at the rockefeller center on friday night. new york adventures.

friday night we tried to plan what we wanted to do on saturday and i think we were all just too tired cause we didn't really get anywhere besides deciding that we wanted to go to doughnut plant for breakfast. 
anyway, we set out on saturday morning to go get some yummy doughnuts for breakfast:
really yummy flavors!
i got the peanut butter & banana cream filled 
jessica got carrot cake, pistachio and PB & banana cream filled, amber got hazelnut
patrick had a really chocolatey one and gabe got the strawberry filled
  definitely going back there. so many good flavors to try!
after doughnuts, we decided to just walk around aimlessly and we were lucky enough to chance upon a street market. it was awesome! yummy food and cheap things!
those sausages were so long!
yummy baked goods!
deep fried oreos always remind me of kersti
the boys got some pretty sweet thin wallets for 5 bucks
  juicy watermelons, getting ready for the summer!
and then we ventured over into chelsea market and absolutely fell in love with that place. we are so going back there again. we didn't spend much time there cause we were rushing back for a BBQ at the I-House (which ran out of food and was lame hahaha).
after the failed attempt to get some free food at the I-House, we got lazy and sleepy and found ourselves just sitting outside the cafeteria and i started to fall asleep. but i decided, 'omg i'm in new york! i'm not going to spend my first weekend sleeping' so we got on a bus and zipped off to the MET. the MET was gorgeous and really overwhelming! you could spend days in that museum and still not finish!
this piece was my favorite discovery of the day cause i learned about it in history of creativity
spotted a guy drawing in the museum and omg, his drawing was amazing! look at that!
we then ended the night with some good sushi at neo sushi studio on the upper east side followed by some cupcakes from two little red hens. upper east side is amazing! its so quaint and nice! there are not as many people and everything looks much cleaner and the houses are so cute!
patrick giving whitney a massage to match the zen music playing in the restaurant
finally, some good sushi
happy people!
cupcakes: me - banana with cream cheese frosting, patrick - brooklyn blackout (chocolate with chocolate cream on the inside), amber - boston cream (you can kind of see it in the second picture. it was SO pretty!), whitney - red velvet, jessica - double chocolate chip cookie with pecans (or sth to that effect), gabe - coconut cream pie
 am totally loving all the cute bakeries all over new york, esp. since i can't bake while i'm here

so much we got done in just one day!
sunday: i got to sleep in till 11am - oh yeah. had lunch and then headed to church.
we go to church in harlem and the ward is just so great! everyone is so active and friendly! and i actually met kandace's cousin. what a small world to be in the same ward haha. 
so before moving out here, i was worried about how my spiritually would be out in the big city because of all the temptations and distractions. however, i think its been so great because i was so excited to go to church this week. the whole week has been crazy and so i really craved that peaceful time i knew i would get at church. love it! and guess what, the ward is planning a trip to palmyra the weekend of may 10th and so we're going to get to go to see all the sights. super excited about that!
after church, we just rested, had dinner at the cafeteria and then rested more in preparation for the new work week. life is good.
made to order pasta for dinner tonight: farfalle with tofu, peas, chicken and mushrooms in a cream sauce. yum. 

stay tuned for week two's adventures :)



  1. deep fried oreos for life!!!!!!

    also, I'm jealous of your good sushi. Annnnnd I miss you.

  2. bahahaha!
    omg the sushi here is SO GOOD! so glad to be done with lousy provo sushi haha.
    miss you too! we need to catch up soon! whats going on in your life!