Sunday, April 29, 2012

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i'm in love with new york, i'm in love with my job and i'm in love with everything!
when i first got to new york, i was really terrified cause i was coming from the sheltered bubble state of utah. i didn't know my way around and the subway was confusing to me. also, being so used to the amazing subways we have in singapore, the subways here seemed so sketchy and dirty to me. also, there are a lot more crazy people around here hahaha. 

first day of work was interesting. we were really nervous. we arrived an hour early and decided to just walk around times square for a bit. and omg, everything opens so early in times square, its amazing! anyway, we didn't do much on our first day besides read up on stuff and we also got pulled into meetings and conference calls occasionally. our boss bought us lunch and we went to this really awesome place called cafe duke that has everything - pizza, korean food, sushi, dumplings, salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. it was great! left at 5.30pm sharp not knowing how to feel about our day. 
i slept at the I-House that night for the first time (my parents left that night and so no more hotel for me). i hate common bathrooms. i was so exhausted i seriously passed out hahaha.
my room and my closet. nice and cosy hahaha. new york style. 

second day of work: i was a little nervous once again cause i didn't know if things were going to be the same or what would happen. things seemed pretty much the same (except for the fact that we were a lot more comfortable in the environment since it was no longer unfamiliar to us) until 10am hit and suddenly i was bombarded with a ton of stuff to do. i kept busy throughout the whole day and even had to stay later to finish stuff up. it was AWESOME! 
we met up with our friends after for dinner and we headed down to little italy for some authentic italian food. it was super pricey but the food was really good! i love meeting up for dinner cause we would talk about how our day at work was, etc. 

third day of work: i was so busy the whole day! lunch was gobbled down in 10 minutes because we got sent to run a post office errand and got lost (of course) hahaha. it was a super good panini that we had though hahaha. we also had the chance to see the NASA space shuttle fly by from our office windows. super nice view. it was super fun as everyone gathered in my boss' office to see it and my boss was the most excited about it, "let see who can get the best picture. best picture wins!" speaking of which, he's such a great person! he makes you feel right at home and he's just hilarious. he's given us nicknames, "CC and GG!" (he took them from our initials) and i just love it cause he would walk past our desks and just scream that as he points at us hahaha. 
thats how amazing the view is from one side of my office
here's the photos we got of the space shuttle. i love the bottom left photo cause my boss took it and you can't even see the shuttle, its just gabe, scott and i taking pictures hahaha.
lunch. don't they look delicious?
we continued on with our eating adventures after work. we had dinner at marinella pizza, apparently oprah's favorite pizza place. i didn't really like it. it was way too greasy for me.
and then we decided to get a little dessert at junior's. omg amazing cheesecake!
i got red velvet
gabe got cherry, patrick got chocolate mousse
jess got chocolate swirl and mike (not pictured) got raspberry swirl
sinful delights
and then we basically went all over town haha. went to the MOMA but it closed right as we got there. walked to rockefeller center, radio city, etc. it was a nice little adventure but it was way too cold to be out on the streets and so we got home around 10pm. i did my laundry and i guess did a lot of updating of stuff and just catching up on life in general hahaha. 



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