Sunday, April 15, 2012

graduation bound

finals have started and thats why i have been non-existent.
plus, my parents are in town and all i want to do is forget my finals and hang out with them.
we picked them up from the airport at 4 ish today and it has been one fun night. love it when we're all together in one place.

anyway, i promised to blog about our smart cookie graduation party that we had last week and so thats what i'm doing right now.
so awhile ago when i had more free time, i spent a lot of time browsing pinterest. and you know what that does to you? it makes you want to plan lots of parties. i had ideas for an easter party, a graduation party and lots more. but alas, i only had time to do one since it was nearing the end of the semester and it would be too time-consuming.
so i decided to do a graduation party since my sister and i are both graduating.
it was a smart cookie graduation party with a milk and cookies bar.
we had 7 different types of cookies as well as chocolate and regular milk.
i didn't get the chance to take very many pictures because it was a crazy day for me with a bridal shower and an endowment to go to before, leaving me with super little time to actually bake the cookies, decorate the place and prepare.

we had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, andes mint cookies, chocolate chip cheesecake cookies, pillow cookies, white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies, lemon crinkle cookies and no bakes. the andes mint cookies and the lemon crinkle cookies were the favorite ones i think. 
and then we had mason jars with cute straws for the milk. 
also, we don't have nice, legit cute platters for layering purposes to make the layout of the table cuter. and so i simply got some old boxes, wrapped them up with wrapping paper and used them for layering purposes. i thought it looked pretty good. i even used a thick chemistry book from an earlier semester for the same purpose haha.

we also decorated a wall with class of 2012 balloons where we took photos with our silly photo booth props which we had prepared. i brought out my polaroid camera so that people could get instant photos and take it home with them as a souvenir (?) haha

and a fortune balloon garland for people to pop a balloon and get their fortune:
leah was very kind and was our very own vanna white, assisting with the popping of the balloons and retrieving fortunes for everyone.
melissa getting hers

for the fortunes inside the balloons, we simply googled for some funny ones and put them in there. for example, leah got, 'eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet.' or there were others like, 'the fortune you want is in another balloon,' etc. 
it was a lot of fun putting those together.

other than that, we just sat around, ate and had fun chatting about the most random things. it was really nice because even though i invited friends from different periods of my life, everyone got to know each other really well and everyone talked to each other.
 kudos to my sisters for putting up with me and helping with doing stuff for the party haha. i'm such a perfectionist when it comes to details. im going to drive my future husband crazy when we plan for our wedding.

now that we've had a graduation party, its time to graduate! in 5 days! yay! my capstone's done so i just need to finish these 2 remaining finals i have! at the end of capstone the other day, it was fun how we all said goodbye and added, 'see you at graduation' instead of 'see you on tuesday/thursday' like we used to do all semester hahaha. excited for graduation and excited to be doing it with the friends i have come to love so much! 
my mom brought me my graduation outfit today and i'm hesitant about it. hahaha we'll see.
well, im super sleepy now and so im off to bed! goodnight!


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