Friday, April 6, 2012

my mess of a week

this week has been my craziest week ever and everything is just such a mess.
however, its amazing how the Lord continues to confer upon me tender mercies in my life daily.
i talked about some of those tender mercies in my blog post earlier this week. some of those included opportunities to serve amidst my busy week to help me see beyond my own needs. 
others are more secular and worldly. 

yesterday morning while i was getting ready for school, my phone rang and i saw that it was a florida number. i immediately picked it up with the most enthusiastic voice i could crack out early in the morning. it was disney calling to schedule my second interview. i was so excited because i had just been talking to tawni about it the night before and telling her how i was tired of waiting.
that interview was today and i'll talk about it a little more later.
yesterday, my history of creativity class was cancelled and so i had more time to do stuff. plus i decided not to go in to work because i have so much i need to accomplish. 
i managed to accomplish a lot. sent some grad announcements to canada, sent off my OPT application, printed off our photo booth props for this saturday's party, did UDOT stuff. i even got to watch an hour of a korean drama i've been watching while cutting and preparing the photo booth props:
don't they look so fun! all the cutting almost killed me though haha.

today, as promised, prof. wakefield brought in awful waffle for breakfast!
nothing better than a yummy waffle to start the day
 AND, say hi to my awesome capstone group! i would never ever have made it through the semester without them! oh and don't you just love nick's face hahaha. that kid.

oh and prof. wakefield told us a funny story of when he was in romania and had to take an hour and a half flight on some ghetto plane. they took off and as they were climbing during takeoff, suddenly he heard the engine stop and the plane started to drop. he immediately panicked and yelled, "we're going down," only to find out that the plane sometimes stops over at some place ten minutes away to pick up more passengers. how bizarre but the story was hilarious hahaha. he said he would tell us more of his crazy flight stories on tuesday. totally looking forward to them. he's an international PR guy but he does not enjoy flying haha. 

practically ran home after class so i could get ready for my disney interview which i hadn't had a chance to prepare for at all cause i had a lot to do last night.
tried to do some research online like i did for the first one and couldn't find any information at all so that was super frustrating! 
anyway, waited for my interview and at 10.53am, my phone rang and i jumped and it was nick. urgh hahaha. well, 11am came around, no call. 11:05, still nothing. and then the phone finally rang at 11:09am. pretty much the whole PR team was on the phone. my interview lasted 20-25 minutes and it was super intense! i felt like i was being grilled on a lot of things and that they were looking for specific answers. yeah, don't know how i feel about it. oh well, they asked me for some writing samples and i made it really nice so hopefully that would create a good impression. the last question they asked me was, "as we are in the final review stages, what would you like us to remember about our interview with you?" i totally wasn't expecting such a question and so my answer was terrible. therefore, hopefully the writing samples save me a little. well, only good thing, they're making final decisions in the next two days and they'll let us know next week. cross my fingers!

the rest of today has been good. 
M Com presentation which we totally rocked, jonathan's random middle of the day birthday celebration, NY class - i'm so going to get lost in new york and omg, i have so much packing to do before i leave hahaha and then i stayed in the lab for a full 4 hours working on UDOT stuff. i got to a point today i wanted to just give up because i'm so done. and also esp. cause the ad kids always make so much noise in the lab! (why do we share the lab with them!) but, because the ad kids were so noisy, i plugged in my earphones and listened to good, soothing church music. all the songs about the Savior really gave me a lot of strength as i calmed down and thought about how i cannot give up. super cool experience. Christ helps you get through everything, spiritually or secularly.
brick oven!
my cray cray friends haha

anyway, its super late and i should sleep. tmr i get to go for my special awards luncheon thing to collect my public relations faculty award of merit thing. yay for prize money! and then, more UDOT stuff and preparing for the party and others.
i thought of skipping out on tmr's ballroom concert but you know what, i need to breathe and enjoy my last few weeks in utah and not lock myself up in the lab doing work. 
and actually, the point of this post was just for me to talk about how even though life feels crazy and out of control, the Lord continues to bless you in so many ways possible in your life. this life is not easy but heavenly father loves and guides us each day.



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