Saturday, April 28, 2012

new york with my parents!

another post that i wrote last night:
this time last week, i was frantically packing my bag and cleaning my room in preparation for my flight to new york.
i cannot believe its been a week.
we flew here last saturday, arrived in the evening and didn't do much, except walk around our hotel area and bought some 99 cents pizza for dinner. tasted pretty good to me. maybe i was just excited about being in new york hahaha!

sunday was our first official day in new york. we slept in till 11am and it was just pouring so hard that day. we ventured out to chinatown for lunch and just ate at the first chinese restaurant we saw. it was alright. the dude was super rude and i couldn't understand his english. ate yummy egg tarts though so that was good. and then since we were in the area, we decided to walk to the world trade center memorial. there's nothing much to see there and we were just pretty miserable since our feet were all wet and the rain wasn't stopping. i did enjoy my time in their little shops though cause you learn a lot about the sept 11 attacks and how it has affected people's lives.
they're almost done rebuilding the new towers!

monday: it didn't rain! omg. we had the chance to walk around grand central station since its so near our hotel and then had japanese food on the mountain at this restaurant named mt. fuji. apparently, its super famous too cause a lot of celebrities have gone there to eat. had the best sushi ever! and then we went to woodbury commons to shop. it wasn't fantastic. it was like the outlet mall at park city but more expensive hahaha. finally checked into the international house since my friends finally got into NYC and then had shake shack for dinner. shake shack was good. the burgers were super juicy but the shakes were super sweet!

tuesday: no rain once again! my last day with my parents before i started work. we went to the I-House where i had a little orientation and they so kindly helped me put my bedsheets and what not nicely (it looks like that of a hotel room). after which, we proceeded to Little Italy for lunch at this malaysian food place called Nyonya. i ordered the char kway teow and didn't like it one bit. my parents' food were pretty good though. and then we had yummy gelato, walked to SoHo, went shopping, walked to Times Square, saw my workplace and ended the night with dinner at Bon Chon Chicken.
at the subway station by my place
eating in little italy
roaming the streets of new york. last photo: my parents posing in front of my office right in the middle of Times Square.

and then i had to go to bed early to get ready for my first day of work. i seriously did not have a good night's rest cause i kept subconsciously waking up because i was so afraid i would oversleep! waking up at 7am was rough after just holidaying and sleeping in for a couple of days hahaha.
and then i started to take on the world...


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