Tuesday, April 3, 2012

we found love in a hopeless place;

i have so much to say but i don't know where to begin.
this past weekend has been life-changing as i missed my mission, listened to the counsels of the living prophets and just reflected a lot, trying to realign myself with the will of the Lord.
i also started writing in my journal more because there is only so much you can express to others. no one wants too much information haha.
this past weekend has been super busy and i feel like i got so much energy sucked out of me that i am so tired all the time now. but, i am spiritually recharged.

highlights of last week:
1. student employee appreciation week
good start to an awfully busy week - jdawgs and even a voucher for jamba juice! 2 things i'm really going to miss after leaving utah

2. dinner with caressa and the korean boys
hyun: "i don't know how to smile" hahaha
love her to bits!
us four. we're kind of color-coordinated too :)
it was really fun having dinner together. we're kind of like family. we talked about our lives and our problems and i loved it when we talked about love problems because hyunwoo would listen to me so intently. he would ask questions to clarify and take note of important points to remember hahaha. he said he wants me to be his love guru hahaha. oh gosh. 

3. thursday: janet arrived in utah!
i had my capstone presentation on that day and so i was super busy the whole day but i managed to squeeze out an hour to have ice-cream with her at the cougareat! speaking of my capstone presentation, omg, its over! i feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. and we're done 2 weeks before the semester is over so omg!
 we had been waiting for this day for an extremely long time!

4. friday: a day spent with janet and an amazing mission reunion
my jdawgs buddy! i'm going to miss our random jdawgs dates when i crave one in the future!
basking in the sun eating our hotdogs!
marcus and i had planned to have lunch that afternoon early in the week and janet was with me for the day and so i just invited my sister too and brought my whole clan hahaha  
we even went all out after and crossed the street to awful waffle to get frites and crepes!
my mandarin missionaries family
this man holds a special place in my heart
oh i love this photo. white and black lace.
brett is so racist! look at his pose and his asian eyes!
the mission reunion was so great! it was so good seeing everyone and catching up! my favorite part was definitely the message president nelson had for us, "happiness follows those who understand their purpose." and then he pointed out that in our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ, there is no focus on "my needs." it made me realize how much i've been selfish and just thinking about myself. thats not the way it should be. if i focus on the needs of others, my needs will somehow be taken care of along the way. the great messages left me in a pondering, reflective mode for the rest of the car ride home. i needed to hear that.

5. saturday: general conference morning session, cooking and having lunch with kersti and janet, general conference afternoon session, indian food for dinner.
"No pain will last forever, it can be erased through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."
"Family time is sacred time and should be protected and respected."
"Be Christ-centered in how we think, speak and act."
"Why should you be jealous when I choose to be kind?"
"You can't be right by doing wrong; you can't be wrong by doing right."
"Humility is a fertile soil where spirituality grows." 
everything felt so so so surreal standing in kersti's kitchen cooking lunch together. it took us back to richmond november and december of 2010 where we would both always be butt-to-butt cooking our lunch/dinner or baking and you would always hear, "oh sorry, excuse me" like ten times! this time, we were once again getting in each other's way trying to chop things up, fry things, etc and it seriously just reminded the both of us of old times hahaha.
and we even attempted to make the brown sugar chinese pancake that we would always eat and that really made us reminisce!
we communed and dined at india palace after a short homework break and it was most delightful

6. sunday: a day spent in salt lake city with janet followed by a dessert night filled with laughter
"Our degree of our gratitude is a measure of our love for Him."
"Here's my heart, oh take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above."
"No career can bring you as much fulfillment as raising a family."
"None of us will ever be so lost that we cannot find a way again through His Atonement."
 i got to see liz! my room-mate from disney!
we spent the rest of our night having desserts and reminiscing about the mission. we talked about the lame jokes steven told as well as how preston would always call me to ask about what time meetings were or what the address was for our dinner appointments and how it got to a point where i just said, "why don't you check your planner?" hahaha oh gosh. and then we laughed about funny incidents that happened. oh such good times!

so yeah, that was last week. and then this week has started off crazy! i have a long list of things to do for school and then there's the UDOT stuff. plus, rissa and i are having our smart cookie graduation party this weekend so there's lots to prepare. and then i still have to send out my grad announcements and ahh!
i thought i was going to have a breakdown today because of all the things i had and have to do. we managed to finish up UDOT surveys really quickly though and so that was a blessing. i was also able to get my passport photos taken for my OPT while the girls handed out surveys at costco. and then i got my canvas and materials for my history of creativity final project. i also had the chance to just go to target to relax for a bit. got danielle's wedding present, a top and some decorations for this saturday's party! so so so excited! i also saw stuff that i really wanted but figured that i didn't need more stuff. oh and guess what, someone actually washed my car while i was shopping at target. whoever it is, that seriously made my day!
i really liked these shoes! but figured, i wouldn't even be able to wear them to work so i couldn't justify spending the money.
there was also this event planning book by tori spelling that looked super fun. oh if i could just be rich and throw lots of fun parties like that hahaha.

after coming home, i had the chance to talk to one of my good friends from disney about some stuff she's going through in her life right now and i was so grateful that i could spend that hour and a half on the phone with her. i have a lot of praying and pondering to do tonight but i was so glad that i could be there for her. 
heavenly father has given me lots of opportunities this week to be an instrument in his hands and i'm so grateful for that. even though this week is probably my busiest week, it reminds me that i always need to serve and not just at times when it is convenient for me. yesterday i had the chance to go to a lesson with the missionaries and it was amazing to teach in chinese again and to be able to feel those feelings i felt on my mission.

okay, im exhausted and i need to go to bed. things to look forward to this week: awful waffle for the capstone class on thursday, jonathan's brick oven birthday celebration thursday afternoon after we do our stupid class presentation, ballroom dance concert on friday night, danielle's bridal shower saturday morning, cheryl's endowment in the afternoon and our smart cookie graduation party at night. so much going on and so much to do for school. 6 more days of school!


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