Sunday, May 6, 2012

concrete jungle;

i know you're sick of hearing me say how much i love this city but i really do. i've always been a city girl, having grown up in the city and so utah was just not great for me. 
yesterday we found ourselves on staten island and near the residential areas and i felt out of place. i wanted my tall manhattan buildings back.
anyway, this week has been amazing and as i looked at my photos while we were having dessert just now, i was so excited to come home and blog!

so, let me just say that i love my PR kids. they're like family to me. 
this picture says it all:
family love: whitney piggybacking patrick
our routine everyday consists of work and then meeting up after work to go get some good food and dessert.
monday night we were supposed to go see newsies (paid for by the comms dept) but our booking got messed up somehow and so we didn't end up getting to go (we got tickets for june 4 so its all good now). we all got home from work and we didn't know what to eat. when i went back to my room to change my shoes and all, the rest had somehow decided on dinosaur bbq near our place. so off we went and it was super crowded so we had to wait for a good 45 minutes. and by then, we were so ready for some bbq haha.
well, the food was AMAZING! best bbq ever! we are so going back there again some time soon. and the funny thing is, the whole week, somehow people at our office or just people we meet in general would tell us, "oh there's a really good bbq place you should try" and we would go, "dinosaur bbq?" and they would go, "YEAH!" such an awesome feeling to know that we picked it and went before anyone even recommended it to us hahaha. 
patrick and gabe split the sweetheart combo which came with a rack of ribs and 4 sides
jessica had the pulled pork sandwich (i got the same thing) and whitney had the ribs and brisket
the sides were amazing too! the sweet potato was definitely the best thing ever!
pulled pork sandwich. look at all that bbq sauce oozing out.

tuesday: gabe and i went on a little adventure for lunch. so we normally just go to bocca or cafe duke or some place nearby and buy something real quick and just eat in the diner at work. actually, here's a picture of it cause i think its super cute and fun to eat in:
 how cute is that?
anyway, on tuesday, gabe and i decided to just walk around and see what's there near our office. we walked for awhile and then decided that we were feeling thai food. so we went to this place called saigon 48 on 48 St, just a block from our office and had the lunch special. i had the eggplant with beancurd and gabe had the ginger chicken. it was pretty good but it tasted more like chinese food to me than thai food haha:
i love beancurd and eggplant!
gabe always looks so happy haha!

and then we were all tired at night so we settled for dinner at the I-House (where we live) cafeteria followed by a little gelato trip. after dinner we all went to our rooms to get our purses and what not and gabe was taking a really long time and so we all went up to his room and knocked on his door really loudly and shouted, "NYPD, NYPD" hahaha. well, thanks to our little trip up there, we got to go to the balcony and came across this amazing view:
how gorgeous is that!
grant's tomb 
artopolis bakery was so cute with everything from gelato to pastries to cakes, etc.
 the nutella gelato was amazing! and i loved my mango one too.
after dessert, we walked around the area and saw the st johns church. that place is amazing! its super huge! it was closed for the day though so we'll have to go back on a different day to tour it. they're doing some renovations now but once its done, it'll be the 4th biggest church in the world. imagine that. the building was just super nice and really old too.

wednesday: we were tired and just came back, had class and then all had an early night.

thursday: we never ever have anything planned and so we just kinda go with the flow. thursday night, gabe and i were really feeling korean food and so we stayed in times square and had the PR kids come meet us in times square. and then we took a little walk down to k-town on 32nd St. ate at 큰집. it was good! and im glad my PR family is so willing to try things they've basically never had before haha.
gabe, mike and whitney had the bibimbap+soon dubu combo
i had the kimchi chigae and jessica had the bokumbap
i taught the boys how to mix their bibimbap haha
i absolutely loved k-town. i felt like i was in korea again cause everyone around me was speaking korean and i even bought my strawberry soft cake from paris baguette (yes they have one at k-town here!) for friday's breakfast. hehe. and there were noraebangs everywhere! dang, we need to go sing!

we were so full after but we were craving some dessert as usual. walked around and chanced upon a mister softee truck! perfect. initially i wanted to just get a regular vanilla soft serve on a sugar cone but then i saw this one and i had to have it. its called the king cone (or "king kong" as whitney called it haha) and its basically vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate fudge and covered with peanuts. tasted just like a cornetto! my life was complete. 

friday: we didn't have plans as usual and the weather forecast said it was going to be rainy so i decided, we should go see a broadway show. we came up with some choices and then gabe and i took a late lunch break so we could get in line for tickets when the cheap tickets office opened at 3pm. we spent our whole lunch break waiting in line and got tickets for phantom of the opera. the show was great! it blew our mind! and we had phantom of the opera songs stuck in our heads all night and the next morning too hehe.
walking to the theatre. i love that whole street cause its just all the broadway theaters with all the different shows!
it was so great to see the effects and how the things on stage moved around for each scene!

saturday: we came out of our apartment pretty early in the morning and there were trailers set up all over the streets and then as we kept walking, there were lots of people and there were cameras and all that set up.
we found out later that ben stiller is filming for a new movie, "the secret life of walter mitty" and apparently they're filming the new mohammad ali movie at the I-House next week. haha who knew that where i live is a hot area for filming movies hahaha

finally got to see the temple because we were there for a thriving in NYC workshop. really want to stay in this city! and the things that were said were really encouraging. and we even met a lady from Hunter PR and she was super nice and even invited us to visit their office. err yes!
can't wait to go do a session there this week!
had lunch at shake shack after and then chanced upon a street market just across the street once again haha.
and then we didn't have a set plan once again so i suggested that we just go to south ferry and go on a little boat ride.
  not many people take the ferry so far south and so we pretty much had the whole cabin to ourselves. we're such experts at the subway now haha.
 it was a pretty foggy day but we still got to see the statue of liberty. not bad for a free boat ride.

then, we had a little adventure haha. none of us had ever been to staten island and we didn't do any research about the place since we didn't even plan our day. we decided that since we were already on the island, we would explore for a little bit. hopped on the first bus we saw and off we went. well, we were on the bus for about 20 minutes and it just kept taking us deeper and deeper into the residential areas and so we got off. patrick led the way and we were supposed to go to fort wadsworth or something. well, we just got lost and saw an amazing bridge:
i love this shot of us hahaha
after being lost forever, we decided to just take the bus back to the ferry terminal. we were in this deserted area and so we didn't know if the bus was ever going to come haha. thankfully it did and thankfully it took us back to the ferry terminal haha. we got off the bus at 4.56pm and the ferry was at 5pm so we seriously booked it from where we got off to the ferry terminal hahaha. it was pretty hilarious. thats all i'll ever remember about staten island now hahaha. oh adventures!

went to south seaport after cause there was a food truck festival going on:
it was really crowded and kinda expensive altogether so we ended up just basking in the atmosphere for a little bit and then leaving haha. the kimchi taco truck looked good though!

i then left my PR family and went to meet pam and ko for dinner. we ate at laut, this singaporean restaurant and compared to nyonya, it was SO MUCH better! we shared a char kway teow, chicken rice and prawn mee. everything was so good and tasted legit!
we walked around for a little bit after and then went to this place called veniero's where i had the best cheesecake ever! oh man, so much fun to meet up with them and just speak singlish hahaha.
singaporeans in new york!

sunday: a great day of rest.
had brunch with ee chien and his cousin at pisticci just outside my place. been wanting to go there forever and omg, it was so good! i had the truffled eggs and omg, i want it again!
 and the atmosphere is so great! makes you feel like you're having breakfast at tiffany's haha

listened to some great words of wisdom at church: 
  • "The Lord cares more about your reaction (the magnitude of our commitment to him), more than he cares about the sins we have committed" 
  • "Quiet my child, while i untie the knot"
  • "It takes faith to view those experiences (trials) as gifts from God"
  • "Worth is measured by the price you pay for it and the Savior paid for it through His infinite Atonement"
had linger longer after church where jessica and i had a sugar overload hahaha. and then dinner at toast just outside our apartment cause the cafeteria was closed followed by dessert at chokolat:

and right now, i really need to go to bed cause gabe and i are going in to work early tmr. 
just as a quick rundown of my internship this week just in case you think i just play all day haha. contrary to that, i actually work really hard during the day haha.
view from my office//my office building
at our internship, they really work us hard and thats so great to me because im learning so much and it also means that i am of value to my company and not just hanging out and faxing stuff or making copies of stuff.
no, im actually building media lists and pitching the media and brainstorming for our clients.
its so great and i love it!
gabe and i have not left the office at 5.30pm sharp since the second day of work. we work late everyday and our coworkers are always trying to get us to go home hahaha. but we just have so much to do all the time hahaha.
like on friday, i got to work, had a meeting right as i got to work, came out of the meeting, pitched the television stations, went for a client conference call, pitched the newspapers, found out that one of the TV stations had ran the story just an hour or so after i pitched them, had another client conference call and then i was just working on a media list after. and yeah, stuff just keeps coming and i love it!
WEEK TWO OVER and im excited for the adventures that this coming week brings!


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