Sunday, May 27, 2012

i don't want to grow up

i don't want to grow up. thats seriously how i feel!
i hate having to come home at night and spending time writing cover letters. it's the worse!
and i have the nastiest cough that won't go away! and i think i have a slight fever all day. i'm trying to make it go away by drinking a lot of water and orange juice and sleeping but its not working!!!
well, i'm glad that tmr we get the day off - yay for memorial day!

so, my week -
monday: i made the proposal to go to totto ramen for dinner followed by momofuku milk bar for dessert. totto ramen was AMAZING! even though we had to wait forever in the rain, it was totally worth it. they really need to expand that place though cause it's teeny! after which, we walked to momofuku and that little dessert place is the hardest place to find ever cause they don't label very well and it's like inside a hotel. it wasn't as cool as i thought it would be. i was excited to try their cereal milk soft serve. got a little sampler of it and it tasted really weird. tasted like cornflakes with cereal, in a soft serve form, if you can imagine that haha. so i went for the strawberry lemon truffles instead. super good choice cause that was delicious and the girl was very nice to give me a free cup of milk which was perfect for washing down the excess sweetness.
look at that amazing bowl of ramen! i got the spicy ramen and it was perfect!

tuesday: class :(

wednesday: my friends went to the 9/11 memorial and i went to the temple instead since i've already been to the memorial with my parents. it was a much-needed night at the temple! i kept trying to decide what i wanted to do and then on wednesday morning, i randomly decided to bring my temple clothing with me to work and midday through work, i was glad i did cause by the end of the day, i was ready for the temple because i needed some peace and guidance.

thursday: my friends always take forever to decide what to do and so i went ahead and made my own plans to go see the new york city ballet since i figured that most of them wouldn't want to see it anyway. got the $15 student rush tickets during lunchtime. i was super impressed with the performances that night. they were amazing! if only my 13 years of ballet made me into a NYC ballerina hahaha. my sister reminded me though that we did take up to the pre-professional level. hahaha whatever that means. oh yes, and for $15 tickets, my seat was amazing!
  i think im going to try and go see their a midsummer night's dream performance at the beginning of june too

friday: got off work early for the long weekend. gabe and i stayed in the midtown area waiting for everyone to meet up with us. got some macarons because i have been wanting to have some since i first got here and they were AMAZING. went to the museum of natural history to meet up with the rest (night at the museum!). i'm not a big fan of museums so it was kind of perfect for me when we realized that they closed at 5.45pm haha.
so pretty and delicious
 the asian section was my favorite. of course, thats my history right?

since it was still early, we headed over to lombardi's for pizza (i think i'm going to give up on pizza in NYC because lombardi's is supposed to be the best and it wasn't fantastic to me) followed by a trip to the brooklyn bridge. and this time, we actually walked the whole thing! then we walked to the pier area where we wanted to ride the carousel but it was reserved for the night for an old man's 75th party (!!!). and so we just sat by the water, enjoyed the scenery and the awesome live jazz music playing at the party. such a peaceful night. 
whitney and her white pizza
brooklyn bridge
the city i love
because of tony, no carousel ride for me
 brooklyn bridge at night

saturday: spent the day in flushing. had dim sum for lunch. wasn't super satisfying but i'll take any dim sum i can get! love dim sum! and then ariel wanted to do some shopping so we went to queens central mall where they have everything and shopped the afternoon away. i bought a ton of stuff since our office just changed to summer casual and i did not bring much summer casual clothes at all. after we were done, we headed back to flushing to have dinner at a taiwanese restaurant and the food was SO GOOD! stopped by a chinese bakery after dinner and picked up this morning's breakfast. yum.
sunday: decided to go to the chinese branch in chinatown. i got there and the first person i saw was cheryl woo! omg so exciting since it was her first sunday out in the field! and then i saw ray! felt so weird cause now he's the missionary and i'm just the member hahaha. it was good to see both of them! and to be in a chinese branch that is very much like the one in vancouver! brought back so many memories!
other than these things, work:
  • Pizza day on Monday and Friday at the office
  • Lots of cleaning up of media lists
  • Twitter for clients
  • Been playing receptionist quite a bit lately hahaha
  • Research
it's been kind of a slow and rough week for me so hopefully next week's better! we get 5 new interns on Tuesday. omg.



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  1. I actually love the ballet. :) i plan on going soon.