Tuesday, May 15, 2012

new york lately

i didn't update last week. my bad. it was a crazy crazy week. 
so i'll just give you a really brief summary of last week using pictures and as little words as possible.

finally went to magnolia bakery. there's one really close to my office so i decided to just take a slow walk down there.
got the banana pudding because apparently thats the best thing there. it was really good! it kind of got too sweet for me though cause as you can see, its as big as a pint of ice-cream.

got to go to the temple for a session on tuesday night and that was the best! just leaving after work and escaping from the city for a bit to a place of such peace. that was so great! and we even got to go see the sealing room before the session because the temple president brought us up there and omg, the layout there is so amazing! makes me want to be sealed in that temple!

finally ate the famous new york hot dogs. i gobbled it down really fast though so i can't really remember if it tasted any different haha. the papaya drink was really really good though. so, the reason why i gobbled my food down was because it was before our session at the temple and i got off work late. last week for 2 days in a row, i got called into a meeting right at 5.30pm (when i'm supposed to be getting off work) and then had to work on stuff after those meetings. so yeah, some crazy days.
cheap dinner! 2 hotdogs and a drink for under $5

since the weather had been pretty cold, i was craving pho and so i dragged my friends to chinatown for some good pho on wednesday night.
and omg, i was so surprised at how asian my friends were. they loved it!
my friend whitney actually put a ton of hot sauce in hers and so she was dying as she drank her soup that had turned red hahaha.

after dinner, we walked around and then decided to go to the chinatown ice cream factory for some dessert. man, that place has a ton of flavors. it was really cool! almond cookie, egg tart, black sesame, ginger, taro, etc. totally asian!
and my friends surprised me once again with their orders hahaha. jessica got almond cookie, patrick got ginger, i got egg tart and lychee, whitney got salted caramel and gabe got almond cookie and something else.

thursday night we got to go to a yankees game and wow, the yankee stadium is amazing! it was really cool to sit and watch the game live too. BUT, it was extremely cold and so we were dying hahaha. but we did stay till the end and the yankees did win so thats always awesome!
this was my favorite part. they played YMCA and here are the guys, who were smoothing out the field, dancing to it hahaha
great experience
and then jessica, gabe and i got cheap yankees hats from some guy selling them on our way to take the subway. it was awesome! esp. cause everyone paid like $15 for it.

so yeah, that was pretty much my after work adventures for last week. i'll talk about my weekend in a separate post cause that was one awesome weekend!

highlights of work:
  • we went to work at 8.30am on monday morning to get working on some things before the staff meeting and there was no one in the office pretty much and so it was awesome.
  • i actually had a day when i was done with my stuff early and had the chance to go and ask for more stuff to do. awesome feeling.
  • made media kits for one of our clients and that was so fun!
  • soup day at work! once in awhile when its cold and gloomy, soup day is declared and tom buys us all soup from hale and hearty. (can't wait for ice-cream day when its hot and humid out)
  • made a PowerPoint for presenting our proposal to one of our clients - made me really grateful for all my experience i've had making really professional PowerPoints at school.
  • got to spend time at work just looking at mommy blogs for creating our mommy bloggers media list haha. so much fun.
  • beth's farewell :( there was a little bit of crying and a ton of sweet stuff - doughnut plant and cupcakes
  • got sent out to get some newspapers and i asked beforehand if i would be able to get it at the regular newsstands since i'm not familiar with the bazillion papers they have in new york. i was told yes and so i went to 2 newsstands but they didn't have it and so i ended up walking to a third newsstand really far away only to find out that the paper i was supposed to get is actually a free paper and so i just had to find one of those newspaper dispensers outside a subway station and get it for free. felt so dumb since when i got back to the office and complained to a couple of people, everyone was like, "it's a free paper." well, yeah that would have been nice to know earlier haha. 



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