Saturday, May 19, 2012

palmyra weekend

i was going to do an update last weekend about my crazy weekend but never got to this so here you go.
my weekend felt like a really long one. probably because i did so much friday night and saturday.
so i got off work at 5.30pm sharp on friday night in order to rush home to get ready to go to palmyra.
patrick and i left to go meet up with everyone else at like 6.40pm.
we waited a long time for the bus and so we bought a subway footlong to split for dinner.
finally got on the bus around 7.40pm and off we went.
i thought it was going to be a 3 hours long drive but then they told us it would take 5 and a half hours. okay. i figured i would just sleep on the bus since i was super tired from work anyway. well guess what, we got to the hotel at like 1.40am hahaha.
we watched 'she's the man' on the bus, had our dinner and then fell asleep. and then this one guy was chatting REALLY LOUDLY with the girls sitting right by us and so patrick and i could not sleep. omg. but we stopped over at this rest stop and the guy finally went back to his seat. omg!
anyway, the hotel was really nice and the rooms were big! 
definitely had a super good sleep and it was nice to have a real bathroom too haha

got like 5 over hours of sleep and then woke up and got ready and had breakfast. the hotel breakfast was pretty good.
 headed over to the sacred grove after and we passed by the temple on our way.
some people went and did a session but i didn't know that was an option at all so i didn't even bring my temple clothes
the sacred grove was great. very peaceful and green.
we also got to visit the surrounding church history sites and the book of mormon publication site was probably my favorite.
we also stopped for a lunch break at this little pizza place and breanna and i shared the biggest calzone i've ever seen in my life hahaa
finished off the trip with a last stop to hill cumorah and the weather was just gorgeous!

it was a very short trip but i saw all that i needed to see and it really strengthened my testimony as i walked through the places of historical significance and pondered the events that took place there. 
the last time i was there i was a little girl - around 9 years old and so i could only vaguely remember certain things and i definitely couldn't remember the feelings i felt or even comprehend it the same way i did this time. 

palmyra <3


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