Sunday, May 20, 2012

week four

this week has been kind of lame because i've kind of been a grouch hahaha. but oh well, i still did some fun stuff i guess? this week is probably the first week i've spent so many nights home early at the I-House. weird.

monday: the first line of my journal entry for that day reads, "new york. i would do anything to be able to live here just for 2 years or so."
hehehe. anyway, my cousin cassie was in town and so we met up for some korean food at ktown. tried a different restaurant this time (there are so many to choose from in ktown) and they are supposed to be really famous for their aged kimchi. it was pretty good! i got the budae chigae and cassie got the soon dubu. and my favorite part was that they bring you yogurt drinks after your meal instead of the gross cinnamon tea they normally give you hahaha.
we went shopping for a little bit after while waiting to meet up with ashlie and matt and it was the first time i had been shopping since being in new york so it was awesome and i bought 2 tops. there's a H & M at every single street corner in new york and its super cheap too! 
met up with ashlie and matt after for some pinkberry. i still prefer yogurtland hahaha.
 i've seen my cousin more in the last 6 months than i have in like 10 years hahaha. its great!

tuesday: cold rainy day. i had a hot chocolate from starbucks which made everything better. had an early night at the I-House. it was great!

wednesday: clients can be super frustrating at times. 
FINALLY had rice to riches. there were so many different flavors and me being a cheesecake lover, i got the coast to coast cheesecake rice pudding with the spirit topping (oatmeal coconut crumble) and it was fantastic! but it got really sweet and i couldn't finish it so i brought it home. we also stopped by trader joe's on the way home and i got some mango mochi! it was only $3 plus, unlike the $6 i have to pay in utah!
so many different flavors to choose from!

thursday: most exciting day of the week because i got to go to a client's 100th anniversary dinner at night and oh my, it was fancy. it was exactly like in the movies. before the actual dinner, there was an hour of just mingling in the lobby where there were servers who would bring around appetizers for you to eat and there was a drinks bar. and then for dinner, there were assigned tables with servers bringing out the salad and then the main course and then dessert. they also brought around wine and would ask, "red or white?" it was great! plus, did i mention that we were on the 40th floor and so we had an amazing view of the city. high life hahaha. i could live like that for awhile hahaha.
we also had a great view of the reflection pools and the new freedom towers

friday: work was really good and i got a lot done! i've even started coming up with pitch ideas and so its really exciting! my friends headed over to the MOMA after work but i didn't want to do that and so i just headed home, caught up on my running man and had an early night in preparation for saturday!

saturday: babysat beth's kids - giselle and eve for like 9 hours. eve is the cutest little kid ever! we spent a lot of time out in the sun and so i was just exhausted by the end of the day. i never want to have kids hahahaha.
did some grocery shopping after and then met up with the PR kids to go to the brooklyn bridge. we took forever to find the walking path and after walking like 1/4 of the way, we decided to turn back and try for another day because all of us were just exhausted and our bodies were falling apart hahaha. how lame huh.
i did see a pretty building hahaha

sunday: went to the family ward since its in the morning. church was really awesome and i loved it. wanted the afternoon to go to the japan block fair as well as central park. was supposed to leave for the block fair at 3.30pm but my friends overslept (they were uncontactable for half an hour!!!) and didn't want to go and so i just left and explored but never made it to central park because my friends decided to head down an hour later and i waited for them till the fair was over and didn't even see them cause they got there at like 6pm and i decided to just leave. came home for dinner and then the plan was to meet up with other friends and head over for a walk in central park but my friends decided to just chill on the balcony instead. oh well, i will make it to central park next week!
the fair was really small but had a lot of good street food
and i finally bought an NYC mug. i love it! 

WEEK FOUR OVER (and i don't want to believe it)


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