Wednesday, June 6, 2012

blog time!

well well, i'm in some forum thing with some speakers and am not really interested in the topic so here i am, blogging haha.
today has been an amazing day! work was super fun! learned a lot from a conference call in the morning about crisis communication and then worked on a couple of stuff before lunchtime.  we even got to see the space shuttle (the same one from a month ago) get transported by boat to the Intrepid museum.

my boss paid for our lunch again today so that was great. then we had to go to 70th St to pick up cupcakes for emma's wedding celebration today and so we just had lunch at a little cafe at the corner of 71st St. we had the pasta bar and it tasted good but it wasn't as saucy as i normally like my creamy pasta.
and then we stopped by this really cute chocolate shop on the way to the cupcake place and i had some iced chocolate which was really good. ahh there are so many cute bakeries all around new york. 

and then off to the soutine bakery to get the cupcakes. it was the smallest little bakery ever but it smelled so good in there! it was amazing! 
after picking up the cupcakes, we took the bus back to the office. worse decision ever because the metro would have been so much faster. but we were told to take the bus just cause it would take us right in front of our office building and we had all those cupcakes to carry. 

got back to the office and started setting up for emma's wedding celebration. everything was so cute and teal cause thats her wedding colors. it was especially fun for us since we were the ones who went to party city yesterday to pick up the teal champagne flutes and the teal and white tablecloths that looked so tiffany and co haha. oh if i could be an event planner haha.

it was a nice little wedding party and we even had really cute red velvet cake pops. yay to emma gettng married.
we had it in the times square conference room and so we had times square in the backdrop :)
i work with these girls a lot on a daily basis and love them!
emma and our awesome boss, tom
check out emma's gorgeous engagement photo in the background
a toast to emma
gorgeous PR girls
emma and i 

and then we cleaned up and by that time, it was already 5pm! 30 minutes and then we were done.
best day at work ever hahaha. 

i was going to blog about my past week and a half but i think i'll save that for tmr :)

happy mid-week everyone! the weekend is almost here!


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