Sunday, June 3, 2012


i was going to do my weekly blog post but i'm too tired. i don't know where my sunday went but before i go to sleep, i have to say happy birthday to the best daddy in the whole world!
these past few months have really made me realize how awesome of a father (and mother) i have. as i prepared for graduation, did the whole graduation walk, reflected on my university years, packed my bags and moved to new york, i came to a deep realization of the fact that i could never have done this without the support of my parents.
i've always been able to move forward with all my decisions with the support of my parents and i'm so grateful for my daddy's fatherly advice each time. nothing but encouragement each time and confidence that i will make the right choice. 
my father is the type of dad who lets you move forward with your choice and will never tell you to pick a particular path. in every way, he's like our heavenly father who allows us free agency but will always be there no matter what. 
first year of college: my parents moved me to utah and made sure i was all settled down in my first apartment. and then at the end of the first year of college, they came to move me to florida where i worked at disney world for the summer. at the end of that summer, my daddy came and moved me back to provo and went car shopping with me. i bought my first car.
second year of college: at the end of my second year of college, i decided i wanted to go on a mission. my parents came and helped me packed and moved me home to singapore before i left for canada. 
third year of college: my parents took me to korea for a vacation before bringing me back to school for my final year of college. helped me to settle down once again. and at the end of the third year of college, they came for my graduation and helped moved me to new york.

i'm so grateful for the financial support that they've given me throughout my whole university career. all my good grades, all the scholarships, all the dean's list, awards, etc that i've been given, i owe it all to them both. 
and while i've been at school, my daddy has always made it a point to call each week to check up on me. he's always been very involved in my school work and whats going on in my life. even though those calls may sometimes be very short because of his busy work schedule, he always makes it a point to call and thats love. love is spelled T-I-M-E and my daddy always makes sure he gives me whatever time i need. 
i can always turn to him for help when i face any situation and he always has an answer for my questions.
he never fails to remind me that he's getting old but in my eyes, he will always be the young, outgoing, funny daddy who played with us while we grew up and fulfilled his priesthood duties, giving us blessings each year before the first day of school, etc. 

daddy, i love you and thank you for your love, time and devotion.
happy birthday.


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