Tuesday, June 26, 2012

jessica's birthday adventures

last last saturday, it was jessica's birthday and also the day the boys flew home to utah. and so, we had a little girls day out.
we started the day by going to the admissions office to extend our contract here only to find that our contracts were kind of messed up and the admissions assistant who was corresponding with us on all these things no longer works here. well, mine was easily fixed and jessica & whitney's was temporarily fixed.
after which, we headed over to the cafeteria (our cards loaded with more money since we extended our contracts) and had breakfast with patrick one last time before he left for the airport. felt kind of empty after he left since he was the last one to fly among all the boys.

that was also the day i got my AC unit! i took forever to get it installed (thanks jessica for helping me!). anyway, after i got my AC unit, i just laid on my bed and checked my twitter, facebook, etc. then jessica texted me asking me what i was doing and i told her nothing and so we decided we needed to get out of the house haha.
i don't know how i would survive the summer without this. thanks amber!

we met up and went over to the north side of the building because we had to pick something up and ended up claiming a lot of little treasures from the pile of stuff the married people left behind when they moved out haha. score!
so leaving the house took a little longer but we eventually made our way down to brooklyn.
we were headed to the brooklyn flea market and google maps somehow led us astray and we never found it :(
but we did find a little mexican bakery and a cute little gelato shop where we stopped for some gelato & italian ice and it was so cute. gotta love brooklyn for the cheap prices.
then we made our way to prospect park, stopping at a vintage thrift shop along the way where jessica found this skirt that represents her haha:
little mexican skirt haha

and then we walked forever to get to prospect park (we did lots of walking the whole day) in the hopes of riding the carousel when we got there. well, we did get to the park but google map led us astray again - we consulted a park map and the carousel was located at the exact opposite side from where we were!
so we left, sad souls who weren't able to ride the carousel. 

took the subway back to the city and met up with whitney at s'mac for dinner. its basically this place with all sorts of mac and cheese. if you love mac and cheese, definitely check it out.
i built my own mac and cheese and put sausages, broccoli and mushroom in there:
they bake it in a personal pan for you. so yummy!
we asked some guy sitting close to us to take a photo of us and it was very strange. he didn't count '1, 2, 3' and then he took a long time to take the photo and so we were sitting there smiling like that forever and then he went on to take 3 photos.

after s'mac, we stopped by some other thrift store (thrift store shopping day haha) and then we tried to make our way to a 7-11 because we were thirsty. walked forever and couldn't find one and so we decided to just head on over to sprinkles cupcake for our dessert (we seriously earned our right to eat the mac & cheese and the cupcake that night hahaha).
every single cupcake looked so good
strawberry, banana dark chocolate, banana and black & white+our milk
happy 21st jessica!

the craziest part of the night by far was when we tried to find a 7-11 on our way home. we remembered that our professor said there is one just off the 1 train at the 96 St stop and so we stopped there. but we didn't see anything in sight and so we called him and he said its at the 86 St stop. so we took the train downtown one stop, came out and still couldn't find it. so then we google-mapped it and it was actually between 92nd and 93rd St. so we walked all the way there and finally got our drinks/water. 
we were so close to a mental breakdown by then hahaha - so much so they each got a big gulp and a slurpee hahaha!

finally, we walked to 96 St and made our way home :)
what a day!


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