Sunday, June 17, 2012

last weekend

last friday, the weather was so nice and so tom called it an early day and we got off work at 4pm! well, we were supposed to get off work at 4pm but of course, it was the one day i had a million clippings to do. thankfully we decided to push a ton of clippings to monday and i just had to stay an extra 45 minutes to finish up.
we had dinner at katz's deli with jeff since he was in town for the weekend. it felt super surreal to be in new york with jeff after all that we've been through leading up to new york. it was a great reunion with great food! jessica and i split the rueben sandwich and it was most delicious! the meat was so good and it was extremely messy but tasty haha. if you watched "when harry met sally," you'll remember this scene that was filmed there:

and sadly, we failed to remember to take a photo with jeff. 
after dinner, a bunch of us headed to a place nearby called big gay ice-cream. the place is supposed to be pretty good and the line was pretty long when we got there. but i just wasn't impressed. it just tasted like mister softee ice-cream to me and so that was extremely disappointing.

but it was a good night all in all because we finally got to meet up with sarah! and we even reminisced about the days of portfolio-making super late in the brad lab hahaha. oh gosh. how far we've come.

and then we spent some time walking the streets of the lower east side and it was really happening but then it got sketchy and thats when we left hahaha.

saturday: woke up bright and early to try to get tickets to "once" and omg, the line was so long and the rush tickets sold out really fast. if you ever want to do rush tickets for such a popular broadway show, make sure to bring a friend to chat with you while you wait in line or a good book or movie to pass the time. 
since that didn't work out, it was shopping time (its awesome shopping early in the morning because there is no crowd) before trying for the ghost lottery. and guess what, my name got called! i was the fourth person called and it was all very exciting since it was my first time trying the lottery.
our seats were right in the front row, behind the orchestra so you could see the actors' faces really close! it was great! and i really really liked the musical! it was so so so emotional (i felt like crying the whole show) but so so so good! the singing and the music was just fantastic. i'm still in love with it even though its been a week.
after the show, i headed back to the I-House to rest for a little and then met up with my PR friends for dinner with prof. walton who was in town for the weekend too. we had turkish food at a restaurant on 72nd. it was alright. i don't think i ordered the right dish but the appetizers prof. walton ordered were great. it was still good to catch up even though i couldn't really hear anything at the end of the long table hahaha.

sunday: amazing because i went to church and then basically stayed the rest of the day in bed hahaha.

and i hope to be able to blog more regularly now that i have more time on my hands. till then, goodnight!


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