Friday, June 15, 2012

week five and six highlights

*i wrote this a week and a half ago but never posted it so here you go:
the past couple of weeks, our after-work adventures have decreased significantly haha. i think we're getting tired plus we've actually seen almost all that we want to see. i mean there's tons to see in new york but we've pretty much done all the touristy things.

here's a brief summary of the highlights from the last week and a half:
1. empire state building - finally got to go and it was gorgeous from up there. we went at the perfect time too because it wasn't too crowded and by the time we made our way around the whole building, the sun was setting so it was gorgeous. 
the chrysler building is so pretty!
i live in an amazingly gorgeous city

2. finally visited the baohaus. the baos were really small but really tasty. i got the jeremy lin bao and the birdhaus. i didn't really like the jeremy lin one but the birdhaus was great! and i also got the taro fries - oh you know how much i love everything taro!
i was very hungry hahaha
3. brunch at aubrey's on satirday - french toast at the penthouse! finally got to catch up with aubrey and omg, she lives in the cutest penthouse ever - perfect for brunch in the summer. we had yummy yummy french toast, bacon, fruits and juice (aubrey did a great job with the french toast) and then sat around and chatted. and then monica introduced us to an app that she has on her iPhone - starmaker. its basically a karaoke app and it was very entertaining!
   starmaker hahaha - hilarious!

4. baked by melissa - cutest cupcake place with teeny cupcakes. the tie dye was my favorite.
the ride there was forever and i totally fell asleep on the train
this reminded me of the ferris wheel at california adventure because it could swing back and forth too
must-do at coney island: get a nathan's hotdog
 wanted to take the rides but the power for the ticket stations was down and so we couldn't get any tickets. such a bummer. i'll just have to go back again.

6. NEWSIES. omg amazing! it was my favorite by far. the songs are so fun and catchy and the dancing was fabulous! and we even got to have a special Q & A with the cast after the show because obama was next door and we weren't allowed to leave the theater. such a neat experience. and then we bumped into one of the cast members on our way home, took the same train too. it was great.
our seats were great too!
 the Q & A after the show

7. skype date with kersti. omg it was the best getting to talk to her :)

work has been good :)
getting closer to my co-workers and so email interactions are more fun and open and not as formal as before, i'm pretty much the go-to person for client PPT presentations now haha - i feel like i've become an expert on making those, i learn so much just from client conference calls - corporate communications vs. agency, i'm actually leaning a lot towards agency now, i've been playing receptionist so much sometimes i think i'm the receptionist hahaha, clients are still crazy and super demanding, the real meaning of being professional when a client goes crazy on you, my boss visited my homeland (!), overslept for the first time but still managed to shower, get ready and get to work 3 minutes early, i'm an expert at media clippings now, etc. life is good :)


  1. i have the same shirt with bows on it! that's why we're bffs!

  2. As you may be noticing, I'm way behind on reading your blog. I just noticed I even made it into a post! Ha!

    1. hahaha you've definitely had to do a little bit of backtracking but kudos to you for going through a ton of posts hahaha.
      yes, this was a long time ago. we need to skype again soon.