Monday, July 23, 2012

a post dedicated to GMI

my internship has been over for a bit now and i still have photos from my last day at work so here i am blogging about my awesome internship experience.
i interned at goodman media international - a PR firm located in times square so i had an amazing view of the heart of new york each day as i sat in conference calls that we had in what we call the times square conference room (because it overlooks times square). when i first start interning at goodman, i was super confused when i received emails that read, "Conference Call 2:00 Times Square." and then i quickly caught on hahahaha.
i just want to say that i had the most amazing experience at goodman.
everyone was so nice! (some days i forgot that i had left utah and not everyone is mormon anymore haha) and i never once had to do errands like buying coffee or making copies. nothing like that at all. once, i got sent to go drop something off at DC comics (the office is really cool!) and liane (who sent me to do it) was super apologetic about it even though it was a super easy thing that i was happy to do. she was like, "i'm so sorry to make you do this" but in actual fact, i was happy to go out for some fresh air to break up the day a little!
that being said, the time that we spent there was spent doing important stuff like building media lists, producing media clippings, pitching the media, doing researching, managing Twitter accounts, etc. the accounts that i was on, the teams gave me so many opportunities to learn and to do real stuff. it was so awesome! and i have to say that goodman media's clients are all very prestigious clients so it was an honor to do work for some of these clients.
our big boss tom is awesome too! he always walks around the office and he always checks to make sure we're okay, "are you getting enough to do? are you going to enough meetings? if you're not, just invite yourself to any calls or meetings." and since we're Eduardo Saverin's spokesperson, tom got to spend a week in singapore and so he loves talking to me about singapore.
and yeah, overall, i loved the company culture and how much i felt like a part of the family. 
i felt like out of all my friends, gabe and i had the best internship experience (based on our dinner conversations every night with our fellow interns talking about the things we did during the day).
we had our own desks with our names on it. how legit.
my workspace :)
i even had my own extension and phone haha
me at my desk
hard at work with the news playing beside me 24/7 

and now, introducing to you some of the most intelligent people i worked with. honestly, i learned so much just from listening to these people talk during conference calls and brainstorm sessions and seeing how they worked.
nicole was my account manager for almost all the accounts i worked on and she's super smart! her ideas are always really great and she thinks really quickly on her feet. the way she carried everything out was always extremely professional, even at times when clients' demands seemed frustrating. she's such a big role model to me and i can't wait for december when her baby comes! she's going to be a great mom!
these photos are kind of dark because we tried to get the awesome view of times square in the background.
left: marissa. i didn't really get a chance to work with her the first few weeks of my internship but then she got put on one of my accounts and so i had more chances to interact with her. she's super cheerful and she writes well. and i absolutely love her clothes! she always has such cute clothes.
right: regine. i got to work with regine on one account and she's extremely quick. her responses to ideas always catch me off guard and i always learn so much.
liz! where do i even begin to talk about liz? she was also on practically all my accounts and i basically followed her around hahaha. my first day of work i was honestly terrified of her but she turned out to be so nice! i would bug her all the time for stuff to do and bombard her with questions about this and that. and yeah, i was very impressed with the way she worked, especially since she graduated like 2 years ago and has already been working at goodman for 2 years and knows a whole lot and is good at what she does! i want to be her.
kendall is the morning receptionist at goodman and i like her a lot! she would always tell me about fun places to go on the weekends and we were like BFFs because she would have me cover the phone some days when the afternoon receptionist couldn't come in. and it was always fun to hear her voice when i needed a Cision account to use. and omg, isn't she gorgeous? and she's a genius! she's starting her PhD in the fall at princeton
lena and scott were my cubicle neighbors. we were all in the same little corner close to the times square conference room.
lena: i would also always bug her for stuff to do and she would always take me up on my offer. so grateful for that. and everytime i had small stupid questions, i would just roll my chair over and ask her and she would come over and help me figure things out. we also went to the fancy RCSA event together and so we had a little bit of a chance to bond.
scott: mr pepper! he was SO NICE to gabe and i! our second week at work, lena was off to spain and so he answered all our stupid questions. plus, he had to endure all our laughter and silly jokes since he sat right beside me hahaha. we also had good times together sharing haribo gummy bears and hi-chews hahaha. and scott is super picky about his chocolate haha. M & M's are too plain for him, keep that in mind hahaha. 
and to top it all off, us with mr. tom goodman himself! he loved calling us 'CC' and 'GG' hahaha

of course, there were many many more individuals who i worked with but didn't get pictures with. it was so hard going around, giving out thank you cards and having everyone say, "don't go!"
we hung around for an extra half hour on our last day before finally just turning and leaving. well, the nice thing is, gabe and i are still in new york and so we're planning to go back and visit soon.  
to everyone at GMI, i couldn't say thank you enough.



  1. omg I love this! Something about seeing all the people you worked with just makes me feel happy :)

    1. aww it almost like you're here meeting them right hahaha.