Thursday, July 5, 2012

gossip girl

so as you can tell, i haven't been very good at this blogging thing and so i often lose track of which things i've blogged about or haven't blogged about haha.

anyway, my first free day alone, i took a gossip girl sites tour since there was a discount and you know how much i love gossip girl (i spent the past 2 weeks catching up on the last 2 seasons and i must say, its getting kind of ridiculous hahaha).
it was a 3-hour tour and we got to see quite a few places. i only managed to take photos of certain places since the view from the bus wasn't necessarily the best at all times haha.
the tour started off at the palace hotel: where the Van der Woodsens live
then we drove by the st. patrick's cathedral - where blair got married to prince louis (sorry for the blue line - its the reflection of the light in the bus, also why i didn't want to take photos from the bus)
 the carlyle hotel - where louis' mother stayed
centolire: where blair exposes lord marcus
 the 2 venues used as the filming locations for constance's: 1. synod of bishops russian church, 2. museum of the city of new york
steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where blair normally has lunch with her minions
dylan's candy bar: where dan helps vanessa pick out candy for nate
this place is the funnest place ever! so much candy and just look at those cupcake seats!
the empire hotel: chuck bass' home
henri bendel: where blair gets all her headbands and also where dan helps jenny pick out a dress on one occasion in season 1.
this place is amazing! there is so much to see in there and as i was walking pass a certain section, there was a guy who offered me a chocolate dipped pretzel. what the.
and right next to it is harry winston: where chuck gets the engagement ring for blair. 
we also drove past rubin chapelle (but the photo is not uploading right) which served as the storefront for eleanor waldorf's store. sadly, rubin chapelle went out of business so its just an empty storefront now. the scene you'll remember most distinctly is jenny stealing a dress from the store because blair dared her to.
carlos miele was right around the corner: where blair met eva, who was trying on a dress.
also, gaslight pizza: where chuck and blair gather on one occasion to figure out their strategy to take someone else down
other places we saw on the tour: barneys new york, bergdorf goodman, cooper hewitt museum (it was under renovation though. this is where the vanderbilt wedding was held), diane von furstenberg, hunter college (where the group took their SATs), intermix (where serena and charlie go shopping and bump into their mothers), geisha (where blair and nate have sushi), lincoln center, new york public library, the plaza hotel/oak room, ralph lauren, russian tea room, saks fifth avenue, SL, st. regis hotel, vera wang (where lily and blair have their wedding dress fitting), dorset bank (where serena dresses up as lily) and more that i can't even remember hahaha.
it was pretty fun and cool to see, especially since a lot of shows and movies are filmed in NYC. oh the big apple. and rumor has it that they're starting their filming in NYC for the new season this fall. ooh it would be so fun to spot them filming! we'll see.

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