Sunday, July 22, 2012

italian food and buildings

these things that i'm about to blog about happened about a month ago and so they're kind of random and all over the place but here you go:
1. wall street bull
the night before patrick and mike left for utah, we had a last dinner at toast near our place and then we decided to explore the financial district for a little bit because that area is in fact really pretty and cool.
our first stop was the wall street bull. we got off at wall street and ended up having to walk quite a bit to find the bull. so on the way, we stopped by and saw some major financial buildings. very cool.
new york stock exchange
the famous bull on wall street haha
national museum of the american indian - i love how all the museums look here! so grand.

2. eataly
we all wanted to try this place for the longest time but never got down to it and so jessica's last week in NYC, we chose a day and finally went. 
its a really cool place. it's a marketplace and several restaurants all in one so you can go eat some awesome pasta and then pick up fresh pasta/boxed pasta so you can go home and make your own yummy pasta hahaha.
so there are different restaurant corners in there as i mentioned and we chose to go to the pizza/pasta corner. jessica got the margherita pizza, whitney got the ravioli and i got the rock shrimp pesto pasta.
my pesto pasta. it looked and smelled so good but i didn't really like the taste. there was some spice in it that made it taste minty/fresh and that made it weird for me hahaha.
jessica and i. and omg, it was a SUPER HOT summer day in NYC that day.
freshly made pasta
panini corner
yummy italian pastries and cakes
chocolates, jam, honey, coffee, etc
we did have gelato for dessert after dinner and i did like their gelato. a lot of different flavors plus it was very rich and creamy.

3. flatiron building - this was our view right outside eataly. i walk by this building all the time and i just love how unique it looks.

4. after eating at eataly, we took a walk along fifth avenue. we wanted to drop by the new york public library to take a look first before shopping but they were having a private event there that night and so we couldn't go in :(
we ended up just walking along fifth avenue and doing some shopping before feeling too hot and tired and then going home.
even their public library looks amazing!
the sun was super red as it was setting that night.

5. skype makes my life so much happier.
skyping my grandma is always such fun - seeing her smile and all that. and also seeing that things haven't changed and she still tolerates our silliness - in this instance, making her wear crazy hats hahaha.
oh how i miss her. if i didn't have to pursue a career or live my dreams, i would fly back to singapore in a heartbeat so i can be close to her all the time.
  i also got to skype my dearest trainer from my mission and i finally got to meet her husband ty haha. the wonders of technology :)

so those were some exciting events from june before my sister came.



  1. isn't she the cutest! love it when i get to skype her!