Saturday, July 7, 2012

rissa in the big apple: day #2 - dim sum, temple, foot rub

day two: we set out early in the morning for our NBC studio tour. it was really interesting for me since i work in the media industry. 
we started out the tour watching a short video about the history of NBC. then we headed over to see the studios and the control center, etc. we managed to see the rock center studio where bryan williams does his nightly news and rock center segments and learned some cool stuff about why certain stuff are done a certain way. we also got to see the late night with jimmy fallon where they were setting up for maroon 5's appearance that night. and we learned a little bit more about the roots - jimmy fallon's house band. they're apparently one of the top bands to see before you die as rated by rolling stone. and random fact, they drive from pennsylvania to NYC everyday and then back after each show. thats true commitment there.
last but not least, we got to see the studio for saturday night live. before that, we also stopped by the room where they keep the different head busts for the different SNL artists. it was pretty crazy stuff. 
we were also there when channing tatum was on the today show!!!
anyway, the tour was cool and the store was fun. i got myself a little keychain for keepsakes. like as if my keys bunch needs anymore added to it hahaha:
sorry about the extra polka dots. that's the reflection from my iPhone cover hahaha.

headed over to chinatown for some dim sum at nom wah after the tour and i must say it was extremely disappointing. the setup was cute and all but i think its a place thats catered to the american people and not for the traditional chinese. we ordered the stuffed eggplant, char siew buns, rice roll with fried dough, turnip cake , tofu skin roll, shrimp dumpling, shrimp & chive dumplings and scallion pancake. the stuffed eggplant, tofu skin roll, shrimp dumpling and turnip cake were okay. the char siew buns were way too huge and the filling did not taste good. the rice roll with fried dough - the fried dough was way too crispy, kind of to the point where you can't bite it properly. the shrimp & chive dumplings were cold and too huge. lastly, the scallion pancake was overfried as well. so yeah, i definitely would not recommend this place even though its supposed to be NYC's oldest dim sum parlor.
i'm a huge snob when it comes to dim sum cause its like my favorite thing ever!

headed over to the temple for the 2pm session and it was great. there were only 6 of us in the session and the last part was great cause it was just me and my sister left in the celestial room and it was all quiet. omg such awesome peace you'll never feel out in the city hahaha.
manhattan temple!

we explored the lincoln center area a little after and found out that the american ballet theatre was doing swan lake! we tried to see if there were any tickets left but they only had standing room ones and so i was like no no no. ballet is one thing i definitely have to enjoy and appreciate while seated comfortably haha. we also walked over to the julliard school and browsed through their bookstore hehe. and then we waited for whitney to meet up with us after work. since we had time, we walked over to the american folk art museum and looked for a little bit. its a super small museum and we found a picture of st. george temple there! cool findings everywhere hahaha. 

met up with whitney and then headed over to try the wicked lottery for the second time. we didn't get picked again (!!!). the worse part was that the couple who were in line behind us both got picked and we were like 'seriously!' plus the girl just sold her tickets to some people near her! ahh! should totally have made friends with them!

oh well, rissa's legs were dying (her legs were not trained for NYC walking hahaha) and so we went back to chinatown in search of this place that we saw in the morning that had $22 one-hour foot rubs. we did find it! and this is where it got exciting.
i had never done a foot rub before and so i really didn't know what to expect. i got a foot and body massage on my mission from one of the members in chiliwack but she did it really nice and light. anyway, we started our foot rub and at first it was okay and we were chatting. but then it started to really hurt and so i stopped chatting because i was trying to bear the pain. since this was my first time, i figured that its supposed to be that painful. so i tolerated the pain for a long time. he started with my left calf and then moved on to the left foot. the side of my left foot was SUPER painful and then he moved back to the calf and when he rubbed my inner calf, i reached my breaking point and asked for him to wait a moment. so right in the middle of my inner calf, there is this knot that was probably starting to stick out as he rubbed and so he was rubbing it hard to try to get it to go away. so as i yelled stop, everyone was in shock and mr. massage man kept rubbing to try and figure out which part was hurting. thats where i died and cried because it was so painful hahaha (i can normally tolerate pain pretty well and hardly ever cry). he finally stopped but told me that i needed to rub it by myself and if it doesn't get better, i need to see a doctor.
here's a chart showing which part of the body corresponds with which part on your feet. its pretty accurate because the person massaging your feet know which parts of your body are not healthy just by pressing your feet

anyway, after that, he was extremely afraid and so he didn't use as much strength anymore. he then asked me if this was my first time, to which i answered yes. and then he said that he thought i did it regularly because of my ability to bear that much pain hahaha. so yes, if you've never had a foot rub, tell them to do it lightly and if it hurts, speak up hahaha.

so,  my sister thought it would be funny if i wrote what went through my mind versus what went through hers.
mine: "omg so painful, so painful, SOOOOO PAINFUL!" "how long has it been? when is this going to end?" "omg can he move on to the next spot?" "okay omg i hope he doesn't touch the calf again" "ahh omg he's back at the calf" "omg omg omg i'm going to die" "this is the worse one hour of my life" "why did i agree to this?" "i'm never doing a foot rub again"
hers: "ahh, this feels so good!" "so comfortable" "i'm in paradise" "ooh i think i'm going to fall asleep because this is so great" "this foot rub is much deserved after all that walking the past 2 days" "awesome!"
yup, so we left with one of us feeling super satisfied and the other feeling like she just walked around the state on pebbles or something hahahaha. 

dinner was at teariffic where we enjoyed awesome boba drinks and some snacks:
we were really hungry and forgot to take photos of the food before diving in hahaha

day two over and i had already cured rissa's insomnia problem with the fully scheduled days hahaha.


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