Sunday, July 8, 2012

rissa in the big apple: day #3 - karaoke+MET+ghost

day three: started well with us sleeping in hahaha. it felt good to not have to set an alarm. i eventually woke up at 10am and rissa didn't wake up till an hour later.
then, after getting ready, we set off to flushing for some karaoke! it was $15 an hour, food and drinks included so it was a really good deal! they had korean, chinese and english songs. it was very clean and a pretty nice room. the only annoying thing is that the song selection thing is a touch screen and so you have to sit beside it and select the songs. we sang our hearts out and eating was actually quite a hindrance because we selected so many songs to sing hahaha. 
top left: us singing a super old korean song and the MV was hilarious/bottom left: my yong 오빠!/right: the song selection machine
hilarious MV but i love singing that song hahaha
nothing like good ol' karaoke :)

then we headed over to the MET for an afternoon of art appreciation. they made us get a ticket (my friends and i didn't get one the first time we went) and so we just paid $2 and went in. we explored the upper level of the MET this time where they had the asian art, musical instruments, photographs and more european art. in the japanese section, there was an actual deer body there covered with crystals. it was quite terrifying because if you looked through the crystal balls, you could see the skin of the deer.
isn't that just slightly terrifying.

come 5:30pm, we put our names in for the ghost lottery and because of the hot weather, there weren't very many people at all and so we both won! it was very exciting. my second time! 
we had some time to kill and we weren't very hungry so we shared a carrot cake cheesecake at junior's (omg so good!) and then spent some time at grand central terminal. that place is just gorgeous.
all that yummy goodness. i'm glad we split it hahaha.
i wonder how many people commute through there daily

we headed back to the lunt-fontanne theatre just in time and omg, i think ghost is my favorite broadway musical. even watching it a second time, i loved every single moment of it. so, rissa actually had no intention of seeing it but after seeing it once myself, i knew that she would love it. and so i just forced it into the schedule and that was definitely a good choice. she cried the whole way through and even bought the CD at the end of the show. that's how much she loved it! haha so now i have someone to obsess over it with hahaha. speaking of which, they're going to be performing at bryant park on july 19 with some other broadway musicals! omg so excited! hopefully its not super hot that day though since we've been experiencing a heat wave here. 
we sat at the exact same seats that i sat in the first time hahaha

it was one great friday night since we expected that the lottery would be super crowded on friday nights but it worked out.


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