Monday, July 9, 2012

rissa in the big apple: day #4 - birthday fun!

i can't believe another year has passed and i had to celebrate my birthday once again. i still remember my last birthday. oh how time flies! i miss our disneyland trip.
well, at least i did have one sister here with me this year, especially since i'm pretty much alone in a whole new state. 

we started the day hunting down the carousel at central park. i've been wanting to go on it for a long time and so i figured, the morning of my birthday would be a good time. we walked quite a bit but we did find it! the carousel was really cute! it was really cheap too and the ride lasted pretty long :)
yeah don't ever wear a dress to ride a carousel hahaha

lunch: we met up with pam and ko for some yummy ramen at totto ramen. remember this entry when i raved about it. anyway, the wait wasn't as bad this time and we just chatted while we waited. we got seated at the bar area this time and that made it an extra hot experience since we were near the kitchen area where they cook the ramen and all. and that day was just super hot in general and so you can just imagine how we looked, sweating like crazy as we slurped down our ramen. remind me to avoid eating ramen there in the summer and to stick to eating there when the weather is nice and cold outside hahaha.

so, for some strange reason, we were really exhausted that day and so the afternoon consisted of a trip to the plaza hotel, slacking at dylan's candy bar in the cupcake booth and sharing a mango smoothie, a trip to sprinkles and a short trip back to the apartment to freshen up.
the plaza hotel is gorgeous and it always reminds me of bride wars because they both wanted to have their weddings at the plaza hotel since they were little girls. and oh my, it is a really grand hotel. it would be so fun to have high tea there!
i rewatched the show again after visiting the plaza hotel hahaha 
exploring dylan's candy bar. they have the best stuffed toys and oh my, a chocolate fountain in the middle of the store. yes please haha. you can order a s'more - your marshmallow dipped in the chocolate fountain before putting between 2 graham crackers. omg. 
i was so excited when we finally got to sit in the cupcake booth hahaha. i just think its so cute.

we tried the newsies lottery for the first time that night but had no luck and so we just walked over to haru sushi where i had birthday dinner reservations.
i've been wanting to try haru sushi for a long time but didn't really want to pay the price. and so, when i had to pick out a restaurant to eat at for my birthday dinner, i figured that haru would be a good choice. well, it sure was a good one. the sushi was really good. the tempura too. the only thing that disappointed was the agedashi tofu. it wasn't crispy enough and just tasted like tofu in sauce.
 for appetizers, we had the duck spring roll (really good!), the agedashi tofu and the shrimp & veggie tempura (which was crispy and nicely done)
the sushi was really fresh and tasty

and then we kind of spent the night walking around in times square before heading over to veniero's for some dessert. we wanted to go to serendipity but heard that they charge $8 per person even if you share a dessert kinda thing so yeah, no thank you. veniero's was great! can't go wrong with the cheesecake there. rissa got the cannoli though and definitely didn't like it hahaha.
look at those huge strawberries! rissa insisted they were sour though. they were sweet to me hahaha.

and so there you have it, another year older (urgh).
rissa got me a cute BYU hello kitty for my birthday! 


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