Tuesday, July 10, 2012

rissa in the big apple: day #5 - church+bike ride+top of the rock

sunday sunday! i couldn't believe rissa had been in town for almost a week already when sunday came.
we woke up bright and early so we could head down to junior's cheesecake in times square to pick up a red velvet cheesecake for sister cheryl woo!
and then we headed over to church. it wasn't as crowded in chinatown that day but i still hate walking through chinatown to get to the chinese branch. plus, it was burning as usual.
church was good. they're trying to make me relief society president hahahahahahaha. i just laugh.

after church, we headed over to nyonya so rissa could have some singaporean food. it was SO SO SO HOT as we walked over and little italy was super crowded because there was the euro cup finals between italy and germany.
anyway, we finally got to nyonya and oh i really regret not choosing to go to laut instead. nyonya 2nd try was just as bad as the first one. pam told me to try the hainanese chicken rice and so i did this time and oh gosh. maybe im a hainanese chicken rice snob since my grandma is hainanese and makes excellent hainanese chicken rice but the chicken rice had no fragrant smell and taste, the chicken had tons of bones AND the chicken rice chili was sour. what the. 
rissa ordered the hor fan and that tasted pretty good. we also ordered satay for appetizer and that was thankfully decent as well. except, they give so little peanut sauce and so i had to ask for more. so little peanut sauce how to dip all your satays in there. seriously hahaha.
looks good but sadly disappoints hahaha

and then we headed home to change into proper biking attire and all. our appointment for the bike rental was 4:20pm but by the time we finished lunch it was close to 3pm (since church ended at around 1:40pm) and the ride back to my apt would take us close to an hour and then we had to travel out again. and so, i changed our biking appointment to 6:05pm. 
so we got home, showered (so sweaty and sticky!) and then napped hahaha. felt so good! it probably was a great choice too since the afternoon sun was crazy!
after napping, we headed out for some biking around central park. we biked around the whole central park, yay! it didn't take very long too but oh man, those rental bikes are terrible and so it made going uphill a most tiring affair! my bike was a little weird too and so that made it extra hard hahaha. i just wanted a good bike so bad! there were surprisingly a lot of uphill and downhill slopes in central park. but i guess that makes sense since central park goes from 59 St to 110 St.
central park is so pretty and there are always so many people running there. i don't think i could ever do it though cause you see bikes speed past you all the time and oh gosh, the running path goes on forever since central park is huge hahaha. and i totally understand why all the guys run without shirts cause i saw a guy running with a shirt on and his shirt was soaked! like, you could probably squeeze it and water (sweat) would come out. intense.  
bike around central park. check.

after sweating it out, we went to shake shack in times square for dinner since rissa had to try the east coast in-n-out right hahaha. going to the one in times square was a bad choice though. long long line since its the touristy district. we would have totally just gone to the one on the upper west side near my place if not for our 9:20pm top of the rock ticket. we did finally get our burgers though.
finally tried the shroom burger and oh i miss good stuff eatery hahaha

took a walk over to rockefeller center and had to wait forever to go up to the top of the rock observation deck since it was crowded. but we got to watch some videos while waiting and oh man, i wish it was winter so we could skate at the rockefeller center ice-skating rink and see the rockefeller center christmas tree! one day!
anyway, top of the rock was kinda disappointing for me. i think the view from the empire state building is much better. the only good thing about top of the rock was that we could see the empire state building hahaha.
i heart new york
see the empire state building in the background? yeah!

so that was our exciting sunday that seemed to fly by so fast. we were exhausted by the end of the day though cause of the heat and all the biking hahaha.
so, just like that, the weekend ended.


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