Wednesday, July 11, 2012

rissa in the big apple: day #6 & #7 - harbor cruise, coney island, newsies

day six was a day full of sun. also the day we got super dark hahaha.
we took the train all the way to south ferry. love the express trains because we got there so quick! walked over to battery park to pick up our tickets and then we got on the boat. it was super bumpy while we were just sitting there but it was fine once we started moving.
it was an absolutely gorgeous day with blue skies and all and so it was super nice for taking pictures. we sat on the top deck and so we were totally exposed to the sun. we got to listen to a little history of each area we passed and got to see the statue of liberty pretty upclose!
we had a spectacular view of the skyline and the brooklyn bridge
yeah, my hair was kind of flying all over the place hahaha

after getting all that sun, we took a nap on the train all the way to coney island to get more sun hahaha. it was an extremely scorching day!
we had nathan's when we got to coney island and then proceeded to get on the cyclone! i wanted to go on it the last time we were at coney island but couldn't and so i made sure to do it this time. its supposed to be the best wooden rollercoaster in the states or something. i love rollercoasters and i really enjoyed it. i didn't expect it to be so steep but it was and all the dips were equally steep so that was extremely fun. it is a very crazy ride though hahaha. liz warned me about getting bruises from all the bumping and jerking. i didn't get any but rissa did hahaha. she was so confused as to how she got the bruises and then i remembered what liz told me hahaha. 
us posing in front of the cyclone after we conquered it hahaha. im showing off my ticket hahaha.
luna park is such a cute amusement park. the rides in there are pretty unique i have to say.
we walked on the boardwalk and saw people fishing and catching crabs! it was pretty interesting.
i tried to even out my tan that i got from DC. didn't work too well hahaha.

and then we took another nap on the train and dragged ourselves to the nederlander theatre to try the newsies lottery again. we were exhausted and not hopeful at all but guess what, rissa's name got called hahahaha. she was sooooo happy cause she really wanted to watch newsies.
so we got our tickets, took a quick trip back home to wash up and then headed back to catch an awesome show! and because we won the lottery, we had $10 worth of newsies dollars that they give you for purchasing merchandise and so we each got a newsies photo frame hahaha. fun stuff.
love the newsies soundtrack! sante fe~
check out how tanned we were by that night. omg. 

dinner was at baohaus that night since we just wanted something small. i hate the music they play there but oh man, their baos are yummy. random funny thing: when rissa was here, we were always too full for dinner every night and so we didn't get to eat at all the yummy places i had planned to go that i had already tried. 

day 7 was extremely relaxing hahaha. we slept in forever, woke up and headed over to flushing for some yummy taiwanese food.
after which, we just strolled around the asian mall and then got boba before heading back to manhattan.
we had tickets for the 9/11 memorial - i figured that she had to go since she was in new york and its like the #1 tourist thing you need to do. so we headed down that way once again, picked up our tickets (the guy in front of me in the line - omg, he didn't know how to use the machine and took forever and then finally the customer service rep told him to just go to the counter) and then walked to the memorial.
and just at the entrance of the memorial, we bumped into dawn and kenji hahahaha. what a small world! new york is huge and i found them hahahaha.
awww. i had to 야 her like 5 times before she heard me hahaha.

and i just realized that i didn't take any photos while there since i had already been to the memorial before hahaha. rissa has some photos on her camera though hahaha.
well, here's one of my visitor pass and a manhattan skyline cutout that rissa made for my birthday :)
then i dropped rissa off at the majestic theatre in times square for her 7pm phantom of the opera show.
took the train home, did laundry and then went back to pick rissa up haha.
and since we didn't have dinner (see, told you it was very strange), we had a king cone to end the night!
so yum. but you have to eat them fast hahaha.

and tmr, i'll update about our last 2 exciting days exploring the city. just 2 asian girls hahaha.


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