Friday, July 13, 2012

rissa in the big apple: last 2 days

ooh i'm a day late. i apologize. yesterday was a crazy day for me and a very long one too and so i went to bed early after having dinner with my friends.
so, last 2 days of rissa in the big apple :(
4th of july: we decided to go explore central park for a bit (on foot this time) in the morning. i'm so glad we did because central park is gorgeous! we went in from the 72nd St exit and just wandered our way around hahaha. at one point, rissa insisted we take the path leading upwards instead of walk back across the bridge and we just kept walking and walking further into some forest so i insisted we turn back. and then there were a couple of paths to take downwards and i picked one and rissa insisted we take another one. and so we did and it led us to a dead end (!!!) where we were separated by the other side by water! hahaha, thankfully we finally made our way back to the land across hahaha.
the view was gorgeous! okay, look at the bottom left photo and the bottom right photo. i took the bottom left photo and asked some passerby to take one of the both of us, kind of with the same kind of scenery and effect, and this is what i got -_-
the bridge we were on/rissa was obsessed with the ducks haha/imagine - a tribute to john lennon
at some space dedicated to music lovers/typical central park shot
sheep meadow

after our morning stroll, we took the subway down to times square (we went there like everyday hahaha) to give the wicked lottery a last shot. we didn't win again. i hate the wicked lottery. it was a really hot day and so i really wanted to just enjoy a nice show indoors away from the sun. i tried to think of shows we could see. tried to see if we could get student tickets for mamma mia but they only had them for the thursday show. then we just kept walking in times square, passing the TKTS booth and i saw that cirque du soleil zarkana was on sale and so we checked how much the tickets were and they were cheap so we went for it! 

had a little time to spare so we headed down to ktown for some lunch since i was craving jajangmyun. chose a restaurant really quickly - shanghai mong and it actually tasted really good. yum.
i had the jajangmyun and rissa had the naengmyun (nice and cold for the hot weather)

zarkana was at the radio city music hall and omg, that place is magnificent! the area before you enter the actual theatre was just like MBS and they had people dressed up around the area for you to take pictures with, amidst the souvenir buying and pre-show drinks.
so grand
the show was mindblowing. there were moments where i was so terrified that the acrobats were going to fall! i had seen cirque du soleil in florida a couple of years ago but this one really made me nervous hahaha. 
this one scared me the most. that guy had no strings attached to him and so if he falls, he falls!
this guy was an amazing dancer!
the trapeze one was very exciting as well.

overall, i really enjoyed the show (even though it was shorter than a broadway musical)! i wasn't a huge fan of the plot though, kind of dark.
we had amazing orchestra seats!

after the show, we decided to do something fun. if you walk around times square, there are tons of people offering to draw caricatures or sketches of you. i've always wanted to do it and so we did it!
yeah it doesn't really look like us and i hate that he drew us 'sexy' and with wine glasses but oh well hahahaha a little 4th of july fun.

we wanted to go do the brooklyn bridge but we had dinner reservations at 7pm and therefore didn't have enough time and so we just went to eataly for some yummy gelato and then headed to dino bbq for our dinner! bbq for 4th of july. of course.
we split the sweetheart deal. so good!

and since we were right beside the hudson river, we decided to just sit by the river and wait for the fireworks. omg bad choice. the fireworks didn't even shoot out from in front but at the extreme left of the river where 3/4 of the people who had waited for the fireworks can't even see anything. i should have just stayed at my apartment balcony. we would have seen everything so clearly urgh. oh well, it was nice to enjoy the sunset and the cool breeze.
look at the photo on the bottom right hand corner. omg how pathetic right hahaha

5th of july: rissa's last day in the big apple. 
we ventured out to flushing for some dim sum for rissa's last meal here. i'm glad we went cause the dim sum was yummyyyyyy hahaha.
i love dim sum

and then i rode the M60 bus to the airport to chill with rissa before her flight and then i sent her off. riding the bus there was fine but riding it back was a nightmare because it was so crowded and the bus driver was crazy basically. was so sad to see my sister go and felt empty being alone immediately hahaha. but i'm glad she was able to come out and visit (thanks to my awesome parents)!



  1. that looks so fun! and hahahah the "sexy" cartoons really don't look like you guys at all!

    1. hahaha yeah when he was done i was like 'ehhh?'
      his sketches are really good though but those were more expensive hahaha