Friday, July 6, 2012

rissa in the big apple: night #1 and broadway day

i have been looking at companies and applying for jobs since i woke up this morning.
and therefore, i am sick of looking at LinkedIn and so I am taking a short break and blogging. plus, its a friday! who is going to look at job applications today hahaha.
so much has happened in the last 2 weeks! my sister was in town for my birthday and so we basically had a 10-day celebration. it was great! and now that she's gone, my small room feels too big, too empty and too quiet haha.

rissa got in on june 26, a tuesday. flying from the west to the east coast always feels like forever because of the time difference. she started flying at 8:20am utah time and didn't get into new york till almost 6pm eastern time. intense huh. 
and then her shuttle was a mess (don't ever take super shuttle) and so she didn't get to my apartment till 8:20pm. 
we put her stuff down and immediately headed to ktown for some yummy dinner.
went to kunjip for some comfort korean food haha.
she had the seolleongtang and i had the octopus bibimbap.

headed home immediately after to shower and sleep in order to get ready for our first day of fun.

her first full day in new york city: we headed over to times square (the heart of new york city!) bright and early at 8am to stand in line for rush tickets to once the musical. well, that was fun. i tried standing in line for these tickets once. i arrived at 8:45am the last time and the line was crazy and i didn't get any tickets. this time, i figured, 8am is early enough (the box office opens at 10am and on wednesdays there are 2 shows). we got there and the line was half as long as the last time but i was still nervous about getting any tickets. well, we sat there, chatted, had breakfast, saw matthew broderick (NBD), etc. and alas, the box office opened and the rush tickets sold out again! but they had standing tickets available for cheaper. we thought about it for awhile and then decided to just do it cause i've been wanting to see it and i knew i would not stand in line like that again haha.

then we headed over to my office to drop off the fudge that rissa brought from the BYU bookstore and so she could see my office and meet the awesome people there! oh how i love those people!
walked over to the gershwin theatre just a block away and entered the wicked lottery. omg there were so many people and sadly, we didn't get picked :(
so we tried to figure out what we were going to do. well, we decided to walk over to the mary poppins box office to see if they had any student rush tickets left. they didn't but they had cheap box seats tickets left and so we did that. yay!

headed over to go! go! curry for lunch before the show and omg, the food was amazing! cheap, yummy katsu curry!
 definitely going back there soon for some yummy jap curry

and then since we still had some time before the show, we walked and took some photos on times square:
check out the difference between the photo i took on the left and the one taken by a passerby on the right. i always feel sad when people take photos for me because they can't get the shots i want haha. 

mary poppins was pretty good. it wasn't my favorite - not sure why. plus i was really sleepy hahaha. i'm always like that after lunch hahaha and so i had a hard time keeping my eyes open. i did love the song 'practically perfect' and the dance for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was SO FUN!
our box seats were pretty cool though hehe

stopped by la maison du chocolat for a macaron snack and then walked over to the rockefeller center since its kind of a must-see in new york you know haha. i just wish it was winter and we could ice-skate and see the awesome christmas tree haha.
  the sun was glaring/another view of times square

dinner was at arirang restaurant in ktown. they're famous for their sujaebi and kalguksu. well, we were in for a surprise because their bowls were HUGEEEEEE and we each ordered a bowl. omg, we weren't even super hungry to begin with and so needless to say, we were dying during our meals and i didn't really enjoy it hahaha. i think i had like half a bowl left even after stuffing my face.

once was really good! when we first got there, they had the cast onstage playing music and people could go up on the stage and get drinks from the bar that's part of the stage set. i didn't really enjoy the crazy music they were playing at first and so i was worried that the whole show would be that way. well, i'm glad to say that it wasn't that way. all the broadway shows i've been to have had crazy stage effects and changes and what not. once was quite the opposite as their stage didn't change the whole show and they simply used lighting and instruments and chairs to change the scenes. it was great!
the girl was hilarious! her czech accent was great, "i am always serious... and czech."
i must say though that the language wasn't the best but half the time i didn't pick out the swearing because of the accents hahaha. the ending was so sad :(
well, if you ever get the chance, go watch it cause the music is really great! come on, it won freaking best musical at the tony's this year. they also won a total of 8 tony awards! 
the standing part was painful though since the show was 2 and a half hours plus intermission so yes, just pay more and get the full price ticket or go stand in line at 6:30am to ensure you get the general rush tickets hahaha.
the first song - 'leave' by steve kazee blew me away
it was a full house! (they only sell standing room tickets if the performance sells out - both the matinee and evening shows were sold out.)

that concluded day one of our adventures and we limped our way back to the apartment for a much needed night of sleep hahaha.


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