Monday, July 23, 2012

washington D.C. day one: national mall+the white house

once upon a time, jessica, whitney and i decided to be adventurous jessica's last weekend in new york. we decided to take a weekend trip to DC.
i had been wanting to go for a really long time but couldn't convince my friends to jump on board and so i was super excited when they finally did. 
we woke up early on a saturday morning and set off for penn station where we would board the bus that would take us to our destination. our bus was supposed to leave at 730 and so we got there around 720 only to be told that the bus only had one spot left. we were so confused and then we were told that if you don't arrive 15 minutes before, they have a right to give up your seat. omg we were so mad but we couldn't do anything except wait for the next bus at 830. 
so, we were late in arriving but at least the bus ride wasn't that bad. it was freezing though and so i was so glad i decided to bring my sweater at the last minute.
they dropped us off at chinatown in DC and we headed over to the subway to go to our next stop: lunch with megan at good stuff eatery.

we were so impressed when we got to the subway station. omg, compared to NYC, the DC subway is like a super high class subway! we were all in shock. its clean, it doesn't smell, the trains are so nice inside and so fast, etc etc etc.
i was so in love with their subway. reminded me a lot of singapore's subway trains.

lunch stop: good stuff eatery - home to the obama burger and apparently a favorite among many politicans, including president obama himself.
i ordered the shroom burger and a toasted marshmallow shake and was in heaven! the shroom burger is to die for and is so much better than shake shack's! this is the description for it: Muenster & Cheddar stuffed Portobello Tops, Flash Fried With Panko Crumbs, Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce & Pickle With Good Stuff Sauce. ahh im craving one now hahaha.
and the toasted marshmallow shake tasted exactly like a toasted marshmallow with the slightly burnt taste and all. so good!
looking at this picture makes me laugh since i didn't take a photo of the actual burger hahahaha
thanks to megan for bringing us to such a yummy place for lunch

after lunch, we went to the tourist sites nearby: library of congress, capitol building and the supreme court.
omg the library of congress was gorgeous and i think the capitol building is my favorite building to look at. the supreme court was undergoing some renovations.
i didn't take a lot of photos in the library of congress because i was busy deleting photos on my camera to make space for new photos hahaha. i haven't deleted photos since i moved to new york and thats why hahaha.
from a distance
capitol building
 supreme court

dropped by our hotel really quickly to check in and drop off our bags before hitting up the national mall.
we stayed at grand hyatt and it was great!

national mall: a whole lot of walking! we walked from the washington memorial all the way to the lincoln memorial and then tried to walk aimlessly and somehow end up at a subway station but realized that we were in the middle of two subway stations and would have to walk forever no matter what and so we decided to just walk forever more again upwards and go see the white house. my legs were killing me!
washington memorial. for the second picture, i specifically asked the person to include the memorial in the background and this is what i got: half of it hahaha.
world war II memorial
lincoln memorial
einstein memorial
white house
U.S. treasury department building   
dinner was at some random shop in chinatown and then we headed back, showered and crashed! not bad for a first day in DC hahaha.


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