Wednesday, July 25, 2012

washington D.C. day two

day two: jessica and i woke up bright and early to head to the arlington cemetery - the national cemetery where we were on a quest to look for jessica's great grandfather's tomb.
we got there and went to the information center to figure out where his tomb was and of course, it was located the furthest from where we were, right up to the gate pretty much hahaha.
so we started out on our 2 mile morning exercise and we did find his tomb!!! and then we headed back down and hit up some of the stuff on the way back down (because walking downhill is so much easier hahaha).
a memorial for all journalists who have died out in battlefields
changing guards ceremony
tomb of the unknown soldier
last part of the ceremony
kennedy grave
eternal flame - our last stop and we were so tired and hot by then, we made a joke that we were the eternal flame, about to burn from the heat haha
robert kennedy's grave

headed back to the hotel to get whitney plus check out. and then we headed out to try to get lunch at good stuff again, only to find out that they are closed on sundays :(
so we just ate at the restaurant next to it and then headed to the smithsonian museum (one of the very many hahaha)
inside the subway station
presidents of america
the first ladies' dress collection was my favorite section of course hahaha
michelle obama's
i don't remember whose this is but i like it.
i learned about this in my history class hahaha

after the smithsonian, we headed back to chinatown where we picked up tickets for ford's theatre and visited the national portraits gallery.
i was walking and then thought i recognized this portrait and looked closer and omg, its really joseph smith
brigham young too
men's hearts shall fail them
abraham lincoln
the media
richard nixon
lyndon johnson - i love how they included the capitol building in the background
where lincoln sat as he was assasinated

by the time 5pm came around, we were absolutely exhausted and so we went and grabbed dinner and then headed over to the bus pickup point. this time we were an hour early because we didn't want to meet with any ridiculous situations this time. not on the way back when we're all just dead tired and slightly grumpy haha.
we waited waited and then at 6pm (when we were supposed to leave), some guy from the bus company comes out and tells us that the bus is delayed by an hour. i was so mad but we couldn't do anything, except sit down on the ground and eat our dinner. we looked so pathetic. by the time we got back to nyc, it was 11 ish and we all promised never to take the chinatown bus again hahaha. 
well, a quick weekend adventure that was much needed!



  1. it was an awesome weekend!!! Tiring..but AWESOME!!!! xo

  2. hahaha totally agree! our poor legs!